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Android Oreo 8.1 finally comes to Essential Phone


Do you have an Essential Phone (Essential PH-1)? So, congratulations! Firstly by the smartphone so rare in Portugal. Then because it’s finally on the way to your smartphone the most … the peculiar and recent version of Google’s operating system. Yes, after months of waiting for a stable release, Android Oreo 8.1 finally arrives.

Note that the smartphone will directly skip Android Oreo 8.0 for Android Oreo 8.1. First of all, a little contextualization. Oreo 8.0 would be made available by Google in August 2017. Already the latest version, Oreo 8.1 would arrive in December 2017. It brings some (little) improvements like the labels with the speed of wi-fi networks, among other optimizations.

Essential Phone would be one of the hottest themes of the summer. It is the first smartphone of this young company by Andy Rubin. This is considered by many as a parent of the Android operating system. Rubin decided to create Essential and this new Phone with top features.

The smartphone surprises by its huge screen, borderless and only with a cutout for the front camera. By all accounts is a perfect concept of what Apple would bring us in September with the iPhone X. However, according to the market analysis agency, IDC, the brand would sell only 90,000 units of its mobile device in 2017.

Android Oreo 8.1 now comes with Essential Phone (Essential PH-1)

Now, after a few months of waiting, finally comes a stable version based on Android Oreo 8.1. This equipment thus becomes one of the few entitled to this update. Note that this version of Google’s operating system is present in 0.3% of all mobile devices that have adopted this platform. The announcement of the arrival of this update would be made on the company’s Twitter profile. Great news for users!

Essential Phone 6

According to the screenshots provided by users, the update is coming via OTA ( over the air ). This means that you will only have to accept your arrival to install it on your device. The new firmware (system software) weighs a total of 1015.1 MB. Next we can see the official list of changes, the changelog.

  1. Intelligent Text Selection, Instant Applications, Picture-in-Picture mode
  2. The greater speed at the beginning of the smartphone and the opening of the applications.
  3. Security improvements on Google Play Protect scans
  4. New patch from Google Security Patches March
  5. Dynamic Calendar
  6. New Clock Icons
  7. Scrolling slowness correction

In short, in addition to the latest version of the operating system, we also have the latest patch or security fixes.


  1. Wow! Nice Nice! Congrats to all essential users 👥!
    How i am so willing to receive mine too for Homtom HT50! Expecting a good news on that. Thanks


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