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Android One vs Android Go: What are they?

Android One vs Android Go

Although some people confuse Android Go and Android One, they are actually different. In the next lines, we explain the main differences.

Android One

Android One is a pure version of Google’s mobile operating system. Updates are not controlled by smartphone makers, but by Google itself. This means that devices that use this version will get all the news and fixes faster.

Android One Display


In practice, anyone buying a device with the Android One operating system will receive a smartphone with no unnecessary applications or heavy interfaces. Everything is simple and works exactly the way Google thought. This will help to get you up and running quickly.

With Android One, your mobile phone will have at least two years of operating system updates. If you buy an Android One device now, you will at least receive Android Q.

Android Go

The Android Go is basically what the One was in the past, that is, an initiative to make things go better in smartphones more friends of the portfolio. In practice, this operating system was developed for devices that only have up to 1GB of memory.

Right from the start there are three main differences for the standard edition of Android Oreo. A simplified operating system, standard optimized applications and a special version of the Play Store that especially highlights the light applications.

Android Go


Go Edition works faster on weaker hardware, delivering 15% higher performance. You also get 2x more storage capacity because the operating system and integrated applications take up 50% less space. There is also a built-in data saving feature in the applications, and the user can control the consumption of data in the background.

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Google’s pre-installed applications have been redesigned specifically for Go Edition. This includes Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard, Google Play, Chrome, and Google’s new Go Files app.


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