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Android M to Reportedly Feature Improved Battery Life, RAM Usage

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We’re just a couple of days away from the Google I/O 2015 annual
developers’ conference, where the company is expected to reveal its next
mobile and tablet OS iteration, believed to be dubbed Android M.
However, it seems like we are going to keep seeing new leaks right up
until the last minute. A new report has claimed that Google will be
focusing on battery and RAM usage in the Android M.
Google is also expected to reveal Android M as a developer preview (just
like Android L for Lollipop) at its I/O 2015 conference that kicks off
Thursday in San Francisco. The final version of Android M is said to be
scheduled for August, and like last year, is expected to only get a name
(for e.g., Marshmallow) by October alongside the release of the next
Nexus devices.
Android Police reports
that Google is emphasising on battery performance as well as working to
cut down RAM usage. It claims that Google has asked its teams to focus
on battery and RAM usage while has even suggested cutting location
checking when not necessary and reduce activity when off the charger.
The report speculates that with the refreshed approach Google might want
to acknowledge previous complaints where users reported Play services
draining more battery. Notably, Android Police suggests that Android M
is internally called Macadamia Nut Cookie or MNC, but that this name
will change before consumer rollout – similar to how Lemon Meringue Pie
(LMP) became Lollipop. Google’s Android Lollipop iteration has in the past been affected by
various RAM-related issues with the most popular being the memory leak
issue of Nexus 5 users.
Apart from the new Android M version, Google at its I/O conference is
expected to reveal details about native support for fingerprint
authentication; more granular control over Android app permissions; new
Voice Access and Nearby features; Android Pay; expanded Ok Google voice
search, and a new Chromecast. The company is widely expected to launch a
standalone Photos app, a new online-based photo sharing and storage


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