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Android L Custom ROM For Tecno M7

Android L ROM

– Pre-Rooted
– Dual 3G
– Android L UI
– Android L Boot Animation
– Dolby Engine
– New Boot Logo
– Super Smooth UI
– Built-In Xposed Installer
** Built-In Xposed Modules
==> Gravitybox
==> Tinted Statusbar
– 100% Bugless
– build.prop tweaks & init.d tweaks
– More Free RAM
– Better Gaming Performance
– And Much More
– Almighty God
– Emrul Chowdhury
– Abdullah Al Akib
– Shovik Chowdhury
 – Snigdho Hasan 
– Emmanuel Akor
  • Download This ROM   Here
  • Copy it to Your SDcard (Not any Folder)
  • Boot to recovery mode (Power Off your Phone and then Press Power Button + Volume Up Button untill it enter the Recovery)
  • Wipe data/factory Reset
  • Wipe cache Partition
  • Mount and Storage/ Format System
  • Advance/ Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Now Go Back
  • Install Zip 
  • Choose Zip From SD Card
  • Now Select your Custom ROM which You want to Flash
  • Then Wait Untill the Installation Finished
  • Then Reboot Your Phone
  • Done
 Download and flash through recovery Download dolby_digital_plus  and gapp
Download Play Store Patch PlayStore Patch   Flash through recovery mode don’t wipe anything when flashing 

        If you have any problem with this ROM then Feel Free To Comment Below

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  1. Any hope for H6 users anytime soon?

  2. Nice. I'm about to try it out. Thanks emmanuel

  3. Great work for the rom,thanks a lot but there is a problem. Whenever the screen locks,the screen refuses to come on and remains dark(off) like that until i remove the battery and reset the phone.please any help with that?

  4. Ok I would. Can you please suggest one for me sir?

  5. Hi Mr emmanuel. I flashed this ROM on my m7,its a nice ROM; however I notice I don't have the Google play store app. I installed this, but it keeps crashing at every launch, hence I can't install or update any of my applications. Kindly proffer a fix, thank you.

  6. hello Emma….how you de? great job sir, works ok but 2 things, no playstore and cannot switch from 3g to edge….thanks sir

  7. sorry bout the 3g/edge issue….found the fix but abeg playstore oooo

    • the fix for play store is in the post check the last sentence of the post you will see the playstore fix flash thru recovery it will solve the problem

      await your feedback

  8. Emma, works well…..thanks boss

  9. About to try this rom hope it suit me fine

  10. I just tried it out and boy it's a sweet rom but I got a problem my GPS won't pick my exactlocation and my battery doesn't show correctly what I mean is that some times it's shows 100% and later it's show any other percent please how do I fix it

  11. this is the best rom have ever used on my tecno m7….

  12. Sir is this rom kitkat or lollipop and is it real kitkat or lollipop and nt d disguise one

  13. Hey good job on the port bruh, just wanted to know if it'll work on an F7. Thanks and good job man

  14. i installed samsung rom for Tecno M7 its working ok but Google play services not supported so i cant install whatsapp


  16. First of all, we look at the Keyboards, although iPhone counts on other keyboards besides the traditional one, these can be used in the different applications in which they are implemented, but they are not possible to be used in all the operating system. Custom Rom

  17. Iv downloaded the rom, but I just want to know if installing it will change the current android version from 4.2 jellybean to kitkat

  18. Hi… Pls I installed ur Rom… But after applying the play store fix.. It keeps on crashing anytime I wanna use it. Pls help. Thanks

  19. When you said flash thru recovery mode… Should I follow the same process of flashing thephone ….dats choose the play store zip file from SD card right?????

    • If that play store is crashing remove it by using Es explorer navigate to root then find system click on it you see app folder inside it you will see the play store remove it. download play store app from apkmirorr look for the one for kikat download and install as normal apk file and open it, will work

  20. it didnt work for me… went thru the processes duly. only wiped my fone but didnt install any new rom. do i need to remove my external sd card before doing this? i really need to upgrade this rom

  21. Does it work for real? cos it didnt work for me
    1. my fone is already rooted
    2. I downloaded the file both on my external sd card and on the phone sd card just in case.
    3. proceeded to boot in recovery mode
    4. I wiped data (where i selected YES to delete all files(
    5. I wipped cache
    6.***now i didnt understand this part*** cos nothing like that was written on the recovery mode/list.
    7.***didnt see this also** (advance/wipe dalvik cache)
    8.the nearest to (instal zip) was apply update for adb or sdcard
    9. i chose sdcard(although i noticed that even wen my external sd is not in the fone i will still see d 1 saved on the fone memory)
    10. failed.

    NB: i tried both wen my external sd is inserted n wen it was removed too.
    kindly assist for better understanding…. wudnt b nice to af lost some of my data for no gain

  22. Now i tink this would has given me an idea. Please can you give me a link to any custom recovery tool that is compatible with tecno m7, cos the 1 i downloaded shows that it is not compatible with my phone.
    Ur response is duly appreciated

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