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Android: 90% of apps send users personal data to Google

Android 90% of apps send users personal data to Google

The open and free form like Android was built, gives users a different freedom than other mobile operating systems do not have. However positive this may be, it actually has negative effects.

A recent study, which evaluated nearly one million Android apps, found that 90% are sending data to Google. But this is not the only one to receive this data and other companies are also gaining from this.

A study that revealed the data collected by Android

This new study was conducted by Oxford University and evaluated nearly one million Android applications present in the UK and US Play Store. Although for many to have obvious conclusions, this study reveals a worrying reality.

Of the various findings present, the Oxford University team found that 88% of the apps evaluated are sending data to Google and to their parent company, Alphabet.

The Companies That Get More Data From Android

Of course Google and Alphabet are not the only ones to receive this data and many others are also guarding the information that is on Android smartphones. The list presented is as follows:

  • Alphabet: 88.44%
  • Facebook: 42.55%
  • Twitter: 33.88%
  • Verizon: 26.27%
  • Microsoft: 22.75%
  • Amazon: 17.91%

In most cases, data is not sent directly to these companies, but to intermediate services. This data includes the user’s gender, age, and even location. There is also cross-data, which allows you to create very specific user profiles.


Google’s response to this study on Android

Google has since responded to this study and claimed that the study is wrongly taking into account services and features, which are actually the way these services work.

In any case, there is a large collection of user data, which is then converted into useful information for companies. With so much information available, it is then simple for these companies to use it for their own benefit.


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