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Android 11 will bring OnePlus smartphones a much-requested feature

OnePlus is one of the fastest brands in updating their smartphones to the latest versions of Android. Therefore, it is not surprising that the company has already started promoting the arrival of Android 11 to its Device.

Pete Lau broke the news, using his personal page on the social network Twitter. With the message “11 ‘on display'” is still the tip for the arrival of a feature that its users have been asking for a long time

Always-On Display will arrive on OnePlus smartphones with Android 11

Following his mysterious message, Pete Lau put a clock with the hands to indicate 11 hours. The time indicated is obviously indicative of the version of Android that is about to arrive and the clock is a strong indication of the arrival of Always-On Display.

Additionally, the “ on display “of your message indicates something related to a screen. In other words, combining these two clues, there seems to be little doubt that the Always-On Display feature will finally reach OnePlus smartphones.

OnePlus 6

Whenever OnePlus opens a consult with your users on what can improve on their devices, Always-On Display is the most frequent request. So much so that the Chinese company has already confirmed that this feature will finally be released.

We still don’t know when Android 11 and Always-On Display will reach OnePlus smartphones. It is possible that this will only happen in the last quarter of the year, as the company previously stated.

Something that is not yet known is which models will support this functionality. Technically, any model with an AMOLED screen can take advantage of it without sacrificing its battery too much.

Still, it would not be surprising that OnePlus limited Always-On Display to some models, at least in one early stage. In short, we will have to wait for more information on the topic.

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