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Analysts warn that Apple may be preparing to be the next Nokia

The past week was complicated for Apple. The downward revision of its forecasts show that there are problems and that they should be dealt with immediately.

For many analysts, this is a well-known behavior and many are already beginning to warn that Apple may be preparing to follow the same path that Nokia had to go through.

Tim Cook’s intervention this week was conclusive and confirmed what many already knew and predicted. The sale of the iPhone has stagnated and is far below what was expected, even by the company itself.

Tim Cook has revealed the sensitive situation of Apple

Tim Cook also recognized and identified the main reason for this problem: users are taking longer to change their device, which clearly harms their business.

For many analysts, these can be one of the main indicators for the confirmation of something that is already spoken. If it does not protect itself, Apple may soon be the next Nokia, with all the problems it had in the mobile device market.

Apple and Dollar


Apple doomed to repeat Nokia’s mistakes?

For Rod Hall, a well-known and well-regarded Goldman Sachs analyst, Apple’s current situation presents all the variables that Nokia had.

The brand is having serious problems in staying relevant in a market that is saturated and where consumers are increasingly delaying the exchange of their mobile devices.

But Rod Hall still has an optimistic outlook and shows that, apart from China, he does not expect this slowdown to continue beyond 2019.


Despite this positive side, Rod Hall also predicts that the company’s shares will continue to fall to $ 140, well below its initial forecast of $ 182.

Has Apple already taken the necessary steps?

Of course, Tim Cook’s statement this week is the clear indication that Apple is attentive and that it prepares to react. The first measure was to reduce production plans, thereby reducing Apple’s inventory and investment.


The main target of this logical measure was even the iPhone XR, the model that the brand hoped to perform better. It’s too early to know what the future holds for Apple, but the evidence and data are in full view.

It is now up to Tim Cook to prevent the black future that Nokia has had and thus prevent its company from becoming just a shadow of what it is today.

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