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American student decided to marry “Tetris”

Nurul Mahjabin Hassan, a 20-year-old student from Florida, decided to show love for the video game in a very unusual way. She loves Tetris so much that she is ready to marry him. According to the girl, they are in a serious relationship since 2016, and this is not Nurul’s first love. Before that, she “met” with the calculator, who was affectionately called Pierre De Fermat.

“I have a strong connection with him. I want to say that I’m married to Tetris and hold a legal ceremony. I want you all to attend this event. I think that Tetris is so beautiful that it is even perfect, and it stimulates your mind. Part of our relationship is the satisfaction that I receive from clearing the field, and I try to clean them as soon as possible, “Nurul Mahjabin Hassan told the Metro newspaper.

The girl really shows a strong interest in the game: she spends for her 12 hours a day from a variety of devices.

Married for Tetris

In addition, the girl regularly buys various accessories and other accessories associated with the best-selling game in the world.

Nurul Mahjabin Hassan

When asked how she reacts to other people’s comments, the girl says that she asks them to give at least one reason why she can not meet with Tetris, but no one is ready to give a clear answer. And although they will not officially legalize their relationship, Nurul still plans to hold a marriage ceremony in the circle of close people.

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  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    This is nonsens! This kind of corruption always happen in America. Foolishness! And he claimed a Muslim name.

  2. This world has bricked ooo.
    This is absurd.
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  3. Rubbish! It’s madness that’s worrying them at times, can you imagine..?😰 May God be with us. Thanks

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