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AMD sues MediaTek for ‘stealing’ its graphics technology

AMD sues MediaTek for 'stealing' its graphics technology

After the great presentation at CES 2019, behold, AMD returns to the limelight! This time in defence of its technological secrets, when processing the well-known manufacturer of SoCs, the Chinese MediaTek.

Apparently, MediaTek has been using proprietary of AMD technology in its SoCs, which equip a large number of TVs as well as other ‘smart’ devices!

Because of this, AMD is now asking for royalties on a large number of MediaTek products for infringement of two important patents.

AMD is asking for compensation for the misuse of this technology!

After all, it was early in 2017 that AMD asked the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) to investigate several companies that allegedly were using technology in their graphics processors.

In the list we can find LG , Vizio , Sigma Designs and of course … The MediaTek . One of the products targeted is the SoC MediaTek Helio P10, used in various LG smartphones

The infringements are about technology such as unified shaders, graphics processing architecture, etc. At the time, AMD even mentioned that Samsung and GlobalFoundries have licensed this technology, so they do not have problems in the future.

Thus, the ITC decided in favor of AMD in August 2017! It is not yet clear why things have only advanced in 2019.

However, we know that LG has reached an agreement with AMD, out of court … So it is likely that something very similar has been tried with MediaTek. But that at the end of the cable, it ended up failing.

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AMD seems to have woken up from a very long sleep, and now it’s ready to attack from all sides! As we had the opportunity to see at CES 2019, with its latest Radeon VII graphics card, which marks the return to the high-end market!


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