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AMD Radeon plans to release new graphics cards every year!

Gamers and PC enthusiasts have been waiting for new graphics cards from Nvidia or AMD. That said finally both companies are now starting to open their book about the new series!

We still do not know if they will make it this year, but AMD has already assured it is ready to launch new GPUs annually from the next generation! In order to make your PC more fun!

This is according to David Wang, leader of the graphics card division AMD Radeon.

Is that while in the presentation, AMD in has shown its plans of releases completely unchanged, Wang confirmed that the company will launch new boards every year with manufacturing process improvements, or incremental architectural changes.

AMD Radeon Graphic card
AMD Radeon Graphic card


“I think the most important thing was what Scott Herkelman, Vice President of AMD Radeon Gaming, mentioned.”

“About the existence of some consistency, offering something to our customers that maintain the stimulus. In other words, the excitement of buying a new product. I think that’s the way we can make this industry exciting and interesting! “

In addition, he also mentioned that AMD lost some strength, saying:

“I think we lost some ‘hype’ in the press, chasing AI … So I think we should try to make the computer market more fun!”

In parallel, we learned that AMD Navi’s next graphics card architecture might hit the market with GDDR6 memory instead of the more expensive HBM2.

This despite the AMD continue with a great focus on HBM memory! Because of their great performance in data centers or workflow-based applications, they are now planning to introduce GDDR6 memory to the market, such as Nvidia.

What do you think of all this? Is a new range of boards a good idea every year? Or do you prefer larger cycles, like the latter?

Share with us your opinion in the comments below!

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