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AMD: New Radeon VII graphics officially unveiled!

AMD New Radeon VII graphics officially unveiled!

Of course, you may have heard of AMD, the company that has raged in the CPU market. However, the company has recently run directly with Nvidia on the graphics card market.

Thus, at CES 2019, AMD announced Radeon VII, the first graphics card in the market with a 7nm manufacturing process. Above all, this translates into an increase in performance compared to Vega graphics.

AMD says the new 7nm architecture delivers better performance than the previous 25%, while still consuming the same power. These values are for content authoring programs.

AMD’s new Radeon VII delivers immortal results in gaming!

Still, in games, the results are even more impressive! AMD tests show that Radeon VII surpassed RX Vega 64 in the Strange Brigade game by about 42%.

But compared to Nvidia’s RTX 2080 graphics, the story is different. According to what the company unveiled, Radeon VII can follow the RTX 2080 in games optimized for DirectX 11 and 12, even surpassing it in games that take advantage of Vulkan technology.

However, Nvidia graphics offer technology not present in AMD’s

Ray-tracing technology is one of the biggest selling points of Nvidia, a technology that AMD did not mention in the presentation. For this reason, I believe this will not be incorporated into the Radeon graphics.

AMD's new Radeon VII delivers immortal results in gaming!

Another aspect to take into account is the price. According to the press conference, AMD will market Radeon VII (in the US market) for $ 699, the same RRP recommended RRP 2080.

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Assuming that the performance of the graphics is in line with the announced figures, the Radeon VII could be a difficult sell at this price range, largely due to the lack of ray-tracing technology.  There is still no price information for the European market.


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