Home NEWS Amazon reaches a market value of $ 1 trillion

Amazon reaches a market value of $ 1 trillion

Amazon reaches market value of $ 1 trillion

On Tuesday morning, Amazon became the second-largest US company to reach a market value of $ 1 trillion.

The retail giant achieved the feat after the Apple , which reached the value of $ 1 trillion in early August. Interestingly, however, Amazon hit the mark significantly faster, reaching $ 900 billion in July.

According to analysts, Amazon’s growth is primarily due to its expansion into diversified markets, from digital to physical retailing – especially after the purchase of Whole Foods network – through cloud computing with Amazon Web Services and entertainment by Prime Video .

“They have given investors confidence that they can continue to disrupt markets in the same way they did retail,” said analyst Gene Munster of Loup Ventures in an interview with CNBC .

The company, however, has suffered significant criticism, mainly involving the treatment of employees of its warehouses, who have already made several strikes and standstills defending payments and better working conditions.

By the time this note was published, Amazon’s market value had fallen to $ 995.1 billion, according to YCharts.


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