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Amazon Prime Day has dates revealed. Get ready for early Christmas shopping!

Amazon is by far the largest online trading company ever, having already expanded to a large part of the globe. With regard to Portugal, although there is still no “Amazon Portugal”, we can already take full advantage of Amazon Spain, which looks at Portuguese users with very good eyes.

So, too for Portugal the special day Amazon Prime Day has become a mandatory date in the calendar of those who shop online. This is a time when the company launches unbelievable promotional campaigns that are quite possibly even more compelling than Black Friday campaigns and Christmas season promotions.

Amazon Prime Day datas

However, with the huge impact of the Covid pandemic – 19, Amazon ended up suspending Prime Day for an indefinite date, until now. According to information published by The Verge, internal company information reveals that the next Prime Day has a confirmed date and will take place on the day 13 and 14 October.

This information was “confirmed” through an internal email sent by Amazon to its employees, where they inform that no holiday requests between days will be accepted 13 and 20 October.

Amazon is expected to reveal official Prime Day dates in the coming days

The Verge notes that after contacting an Amazon representative on this matter, they were informed that no official dates have been set for the next Prime Day, but detailed information will be revealed soon. The same email referred to by the website also reveals that official information will be revealed on the day 27 of September (Sunday).

This information, although not officially confirmed, seems to fit perfectly with the various rumors that have been circulating. I recall that last week a Braun promotional poster appeared on the internet pointing to “Prime Day” promotions for mid-October, perfectly matching the dates now revealed.

Furthermore, it is guaranteed that Amazon does not want to overlap Prime Day promotions with Black Friday campaigns, which are also due to start in October. Still without official confirmation, it is believed that the first Black Friday promotions will start on October 26, giving around 10 day to the company to be able to “clean” the platform of Prime Day campaigns.

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