Amazon presented Sumerian its platform of augmented / virtual reality

Amazon presented its platform of augmented virtual reality

Yesterday, Amazon presented Sumerian, its new platform designed for developers who can create applications with supplemented and virtual reality on its basis. In addition, the platform supports Apple’s ARKit technology.

Now Sumerian is available as a free preview. With the help of technology, developers can easily create and publish applications using free Amazon tools for web browsers. It does not require special programming skills or knowledge of 3D graphics.

Developers can use ready-made application templates and load their 3D models. They can even create a digital character that will comment on the scenes and also customize its appearance, speech, and behavior.

Amazon Sumerian platform

You can select a background for scenes, add objects to them and animate them.

It is also possible to write a script that controls the behavior of objects using the JavaScript editor. When publishing, the scene is assembled and acquires a unique URL-link

Amazon Sumerian platform

Sumerian applications run on the iPhone and iPad, Daydream helmets, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, as well as in Web browsers that support WebGL or WebVR.

The platform already supports ARKit, but support for Unity and ARCore for Android will appear later.

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