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Amazon patent technology to prevent voice attacks

Amazon patent technology to prevent voice attacks

One of the latest gadgets is smartphones. They are columns equipped with voice assistants that allow several uses.

Alexa is Amazon’s smart assistant. It supports searches and voice commands and is one of the gadgets if you want to make your home more Smart.

According to DigitalTrends Alexa will receive a new layer of protection against voice-based attacks.

Repeat attacks threaten data security

First, a repetitive attack also called an “intermediary” is a way of intercepting messages and repeating them in order to bypass security systems.

Imagine, in Alexa’s case, that you give her a voice command to access your calendar. If you are the victim of a repeat attack, this command will be stored and used without your knowledge to access your calendar or any other data.

In this sense, Amazon patented on January 10 technology to combat this type of attacks. The technology will consist of comparing the patterns of the user’s voice command with the patterns already stored in previous commands.

Additionally, this Amazon protection seems to be based on a vocal watermark. A digital copy of the command will be created. If it does not correspond to previous commands, the order will be denied.

However, there are some reservations from security experts. Although it is a layer of protection, storing data from the user’s voice may be worse to mend than the sonnet.

Last year, there was controversy over an alleged Amazon patent. It would allow Alexa to recognize various user characteristics such as accent, emotional state and even gender, age and background noise.


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