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Amazon is developing a dedicated processor for Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is one of the most competent Artificial Intelligence today. This was the first AI to emerge in the market, but that alone is not enough to dictate your success in it. There has been and continues to be, an extraordinary job by Amazon engineers so that this AI is increasingly prepared to meet the needs of users.

Over the last few months, Alexa has been endowed with new features that make it even better. Everything for this is not far behind when compared to the competition, especially that of Google Assistant.

With this in mind, Amazon wants to enhance the performance of its Alexa further. For this, you will already be developing a processor of its own, with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. A maneuver is very similar to what Huawei did with the launch of its Kirin 970.

Whoever advances with this information is The Information website. According to what is said, this processor will allow some of the tasks proposed to Alexa can be processed locally. In this way, these devices may function partially offline. This is because more complex commands will continue to be processed by external servers.

Amazon wants to create a processor for its own Alexa

When the device in question captures your command, it is registered and sent for processing on an external server. It will be this server that will decipher what you have just said and send back the appropriate response. A process that is done in fractions of a second, implying that it is almost instantaneous.So that you can better understand what I have just said, it is essential to explain how these services work. Regardless of whether you are using Alexa, Google Assistant or otherwise, your operation depends on an internet connection.

Now, on devices equipped with the new Amazon processor, this entire process ceases to exist. At least for the simplest tasks, such as “What time is it?”. In effect, the answers will be instantaneous.

Well, considering that this is a processor to equip devices endowed with Alexa, it can still take until they reach the market. It is important to emphasize that this processor is still in the development phase. Only when it is finalized will it begin to be deployed on devices that are under development to reach the market.



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