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Amazon creates team to combat smuggling of counterfeit goods

One of Amazon’s most constant problems is the sale of counterfeit products on its platform, from bags, clothes to technology. To combat this situation, the company will team up with the authorities to create a specific team to combat the sale of counterfeit products or their smuggling.

The division is called Counterfeit Crimes Unit and is composed of former prosecutors, researchers and data analysts, all with experience in this area. The team will work to detect, identify and likely take legal action against counterfeiters selling products of this type on Amazon.

In fact, Amazon already has some programs that aim to combat the sale of counterfeit products. One allows legitimate brands to issue claims of rights, similar to YouTube. Once brands have detected a counterfeit product, they can report the seller to Amazon, who will review it later.

Amazon warehouses

The smuggling team will have the authority to analyze the data that Amazon collects, such as payment services and other data. Amazon also granted the team freedom to collaborate with brands to find counterfeit sellers in independent investigations.

Recently, Amazon teamed up with the Valentino brand to process a counterfeit in New York. This will not be the last time the company will have to deal with this situation in court, but at least we know that Amazon is taking action on the situation. that “any counterfeiter found will be held responsible, to the full extent of the law”. Anyone caught selling counterfeit products on Amazon will not have their life made easier at all.

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