Home NEWS Almost a decade later, Google enters China again!

Almost a decade later, Google enters China again!

Almost a decade later, Google enters China again!

Whether China is a big country or a big country is a fairly relative issue. However, it is a large market and it seems that Google won the first battle, as Google Maps, after 8 years, managed to enter the market of that country.

Google, like all companies similar to it, try, at all costs, to enter China with the fantastic services they have to offer to the people of that country. However, this is a rather arduous task which, for many, will not have a solution as soon as they would like.

Tweaks build.prop for Android, which really work

The American giant, in turn, managed to get there and offer the Chinese population some of their contributions. This is because, of course, these can only count on (yet) with the Google map service and nothing else.

Google Maps in China? It’s the first of several steps …

There are, it seems, no plans for Google Search or even YouTube to cross the great wall. However, even if Google Maps is there, that does not mean it’s 100% operational.

Not really. In fact, based on the source of the news, there have been reports that some users had trouble using the full map application. More, in attempting to do so, they were eventually redirected to third-party applications.

But, after all, how did the Western company get to the East? Well, according to pure speculation, this had to do with the Chinese government’s desire to develop its AI services.

In a year when all technological brands seem to want to accept Artificial Intelligence as something beneficial and (almost) obligatory for consumers, China seems to want to take some steps in that direction.

Theoretically, there will be no better company than the owner of Android, YouTube, Search, and many other successful products and services, to help the Chinese government. In return, Google will have requested the transfer of Maps in that country.


  1. Finally Google enters China 🇨🇳, the largest market…
    I pray it should operate well. They should make everything work well.

  2. Wow.. That’s a nice news.. China the world largest market.. If am not mistaken, wish them best of luck.
    Thanks for the post.


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