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Alexa and Google Assistant are about to hit the Xbox One

Xbox One

Artificial Intelligences like Alexa or Google Assistant are increasingly present in our daily lives. Increasingly competent, it begins to become quite tempting to embark on this world. A world that is about to join the Xbox One of Microsoft.

The Xbox One is one of the most powerful consoles today. Although the Xbox One X is already on the market, the first is still an excellent choice. Of course you will be extremely pleased with this console.

After the extinction of Kinect, Microsoft still does not offer a viable alternative for those who want to control their console by voice commands. It has been said that the Redmond company will be working with Amazon to address this problem.

The idea is to make Amazon Echo a bridge between Xbox One and Alexa. Through this product it would then be possible to control the Microsoft console through voice commands. And now comes the first proof that this may go a little further.

Alexa and Google Assistant should be compatible with Xbox One

Thanks to the Windows Central publication, we learned that both Alexa and Google Assistant will soon be compatible with Xbox One. Information that came to Windows Central through credible sources is well advanced.

In the near future a new option should appear in the ” Kinect & Devices” menu of your Xbox One. There you should have a new section called “Digital Assistants”. It will be in it that you can enable the interaction between your console and these AIs.

After that, you will be guided to the installation of the Xbox application corresponding to each of these platforms. It will be responsible for the bridge between platforms and that will allow you to take advantage of all its potentialities.

Preferences Digital assistants
Xbox Preferences Digital Assistants


These, however, are not yet known. Microsoft has not yet made known to the public what the advantages will bring the interaction between your console and Alexa and Google Assistant. Information that will surely arrive with the passage of time.

This data shows us that the company in Redmond is aware of the limitations of its Cortana. This measure is a certificate of humility, recognizing that there are other proposals that will better meet the demands of its users.


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