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Alcatel introduces its new Android smartphones at CES 2018

Alcatel introduces its new Android smartphones at CES 2018

Alcatel is well known in Brazil and Portugal. Trademark currently held by China’s TCL, such as the BlackBerry. The brand that has accustomed us and specializes in cost-effective devices. Now at CES 2018, Alcatel introduces us its new ranges of Android smartphones. They are the Alcatel 5, 3 and 1. Let’s see what they bring back to the mobile market.

In order to solidify its position in the entry market and the mid-range segment, Alcatel presents its new offerings today. They arrived in the world in fabulous Las Vegas during the first technology show of the year. Now is the time to also get to know the news.

The brand claims that it is meeting the ongoing commitment made by TCL to its smartphone business. Today at CES 2018 the company anticipated a new philosophy and direction in the product portfolio for Alcatel’s business unit. New bets, all revealed on the day of the great presentations at CES 2018.

Alcatel unveils its new Android smartphones at CES 2018

Incidentally, this is one of the first lines of smartphones to bring an immersive 18: 9 screen experience. One of the industry’s latest trends is already present in Alcatel’s new Android smartphones. It is undoubtedly a great asset of these Android smartphones.

Aliadronizado in the three new product ranges. Offering a universal design language, these new ranges from Alcatel will help make the functionality of a top-of-the-range smartphone with differentiated market positions accessible.

“As the global Android smartphone market continues to evolve, we have come to a new year recognizing the need to stabilize and transform our portfolio of smartphones from Alcatel. All to better serve our customers and meet future opportunities. ” Refers Christian Gatti, Global President of Alcatel’s Business Division and Executive Vice President of TCL Communication.

18: 9 format on all Android smartphones presented at CES 2018:

Alcatel 5 smartphones Android smartphones CES 2018
The new ranges of Android smartphones brand, all presented at CES 2018

“By modernizing our Android smartphone models and being one of the first global manufacturers to offer 18: 9 screens across most of our lines, we can refocus our efforts by democratizing the most iconic features. Making these experiences accessible to almost all consumers around the world. ” Add Gatti.

With this portfolio evolution, Alcatel will also standardize the use of screens throughout the product portfolio. They all already use Alcatel “Full-View” 18: 9 screens. Being one of the three leading manufacturers worldwide in the manufacture of LCD panels.

Alcatel “Full-View” 18: 9 on their Android smartphones

This guarantees considerable cost savings. Not to mention a shorter period of the launching of the next equipment in the European market. These are some of the brand’s guiding principles. Let’s look now at the new product lines announced at CES 2018.They are still number two in the United States in the manufacture of televisions, TCL will provide Alcatel’s business unit with access to efficient production lines as well as over $ 1 billion in research and development.

The Alcatel product line in 2018 can be segmented into three distinct ranges. Each with a different impact and targeting a different price segment. These ranges generally maintain a look and feel characteristic of the brand.

According to its own, this is to ensure that all users have the same sense of pride as their equipment. The new ranges are divided as follows:

Alcatel A5, the “high” range:

The Alcatel 5 range is designed to provide the best features. Those that consumers most desire, at a much lower cost than flagships with comparable characteristics. In practice, it is the new “top of the range” Alcatel. It is the best of the three new Android smartphones.

To do so, it will include features such as face-up unlocking, Alcatel Full-View 18: 9 screen and more. With the Alcatel 5 range, users will enjoy fantastic imaging, a cinema-like viewing experience and a long-lasting battery for a full day of use. The brand has not yet revealed the specifications of Android smartphones.

Alcatel A3, a mid-range smart without fears:

Alcatel 5 smartphones Android smartphones CES 2018
In the image, the new A3

The Alcatel 3 range offers a combination that stands as the ideal of the latest features. Being equipped with dual cameras, and also screen Alcatel Full-View 18: 9, all this at attractive market prices. This range will feature a variety of devices and will include products with large screens and high resolution.

Alcatel A1 will be the most economical and modest

They offer universal access to unibody hardware with stylish design and quality materials. As well as many sought-after features such as the Alcatel Full-View 18: 9 screen. Even unlock through facial recognition.Android smartphones in the Alcatel 1 range give everyone a good experience at the most affordable price.

The brand will provide further details on the 2018 product portfolio next month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. For now, we only had a first glimpse, a presentation of smartphones. In February we will know all its details and prices.

Prices and features will be revealed at Mobile World Congress

Alcatel 5 smartphones Android smartphones CES 2018
In the picture, the new A1

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And you, what do you think of these brand new devices? Will any of them be your next Android smartphone? Leave us your opinion below in the comments section.


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