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Akon To Build Real-Life Wakanda With Akoin Cryptocurrency

We all know about Akon very well, yes, he is one of the well-known singers in the world. According to the latest reports, the famous singer Akon has recently, announced this week the launch of its new cryptocurrency through which he will finally use to build a real-life Wakanda for his people.

Akon To Build Real-Life Wakanda With Its Newly Launched Cryptocurrency

The recent launch cryptocurrency announced this week is called Akoin. The cryptocurrency will a long-term project with aims of improving the economic conditions of young Africans and create a crypto-city that puts the region at the forefront of the world economy.

Within the Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival framework held in France from June 18 to 22 this year, Akoin was unveiled, a “Crypto-Powering Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa” according to what is shown on the project website.

It is not clear if this coins will have its own blockchain. However, it will offer wallet services, and it is presumed to start its Initial Currency Offer in two weeks, according to a US newspaper.

Although the White Paper has not yet been published, its main base will be to allow its creation of decentralized applications or DApps that will trade various professional services, health education, financial services, infrastructure and government, cryptographic services and content making

Akon, who is referred to as the “visionary in chief of the project,” said Akoin will allow Africans to undertake their own projects without having to resort to any government agency, thanks to blockchain technology:-

“I think the blockchain and the cryptocurrencies could be the saviors of Africa in many ways because they return power to people and return security to the monetary system. They also allow people to use it so that they can move forward on their own and not allow the government to do the things that keep them at bay,” stated the artist and the visionary in chief, of course, Akon.

Akon To Build Real-Life Wakanda

As another component of the initiative, the president of Senegal, Macky Sall has donated about 810 hectares of land to build the complete crypto city than the Crypto Valley of Zug, which integrates residences, parks, shops, educational hubs and productive areas. The crypto city would be built near Dakar and would have a coastal exit. The Wakada Crypto city is planned in such a way that it will simply use the Akoin as its official currency.

The advertising team of Akon has taken advantage of the success that the movie Infinity War has had to promote this crypto city that pretends to be a “Wakanda in real life”. With this slogan, reference is made to the city where the superhero Black Panther comes from, a city that in the comic and in the film of the same name is more advanced technologically than the rest of the world.

Akon has been an influential figure since his rise to fame in 2009. In addition to being a producer, he is also recognized as a businessman and a philanthropist. He has taken charge of bringing electricity to 18 countries in Africa with his initiative Akon Lighting Africa and in the future wants to get involved in US policy, as he has indicated that he will gladly face the current president of the country in the elections to be held in the year 2020.

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