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AirPods Max have been on Apple’s plans since 2016

The AirPods Max Bluetooth headset, Apple’s latest product took more than four years to leave the design desk until the official presentation. Apple former engineer who worked on the project in 2016 made this revelation.

The revelation tells us that Apple has been considering these Bluetooth headphones when the first AirPods was launched. Since then, we have new versions of truly wireless headsets, namely the Pro ones followed by the new Max.

AirPods Max started to be developed in 2016

Dinesh Dave released this information through his Twitter profile, which has since been deleted. However, the tweet was kept by some of his followers, thanks them to which we can see the original content.

From June 2014 until February 2018, Dinesh Dave worked as a designer at Apple. Something that allows us to contextualize his publication “The last product covered by the signed NDA has finally been revealed”.

NDA means a confidentiality agreement, or non-disclosure agreement between two persons, which the former Apple engineer signed who was involved in the AirPods Max preparatory work. The reasons that led him to delete the tweet are not known.

Teamwork at Apple

Having held the position of Senior Interactive Designer at the Cupertino company, he never claims the AirPods Max project as his own. Instead, he says it was the work of an entire team “with several friends working hard on the Airpods Max product”.

Apple’s interest in this type of wearables and gadgets is old, with the company meticulous planning its approach to the market. Something that materialized at the end of 2016 with AirPods, a product very well received by consumers.

An enthusiastic reaction will have led the brand to bet more on this type of products, as evidenced by the AirPods Max.

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