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After acquisition of Microsoft, users switch GitHub by rival service

Microsoft is a very different company today than it was in the past. At least as far as the philosophy and posture employed in the relationship with other companies and with the programmers are concerned. Satya Nadella is one of the main drivers of such a move, so she ultimately made the decision to acquire GitHub.

For those who do not know, GitHub is a platform that allows programmers and ordinary users (registered) their contribution in private or open projects, so-called Open Source projects. However, if many see this movement with good eyes, others not so many.

Indeed, after the purchase that involved an amount equal to 7.5 billion US dollars, the first barriers to its success are now beginning to appear. Not from any of the companies, but from their main product.

In fact, the developers, who are the most important of all, were not unanimous with the acquisition. Or anything that looks like it. Unfortunately, it seems that some of these ended up swapping the GitHub platform for GitLab.

Microsoft will not worry about losing users of GitHub ?!

GitLab is, as you might think, a competitor to the company that now belongs to Microsoft. According to a statement of this on Twitter, the activity around your application has increased about 10 times in recent days.

However, this can only indicate that, indeed, there are users migrating their projects from one place to another. That is, they easily reveal their dissatisfaction. Because? Well, that will depend on each programmer, who will have their reasons.

What is certain is that it is no longer the first time that the American giant Microsoft opts for a  move  this kind. So who knows what the next target will be.

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