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Accenture closes 2018 with seven acquisitions


Accenture decided that in 2018 it would “take the scorpion out of its pocket”. The multinational consulting and technology firm led this year a campaign that saw it buy seven companies around the world, in countries like Germany, Australia and even in Brazil. The fields of activity are quite varied, but all the companies acquired have a focus on digital businesses, such as branding, service offerings and cloud platforms and content marketing.

In a very short space – only 12 days (30/11 to 12/12) – Accenture acquired Kolle Rebbe (Germany); PrimeQ (Australia / New Zealand); New Content (Brazil); Zafin (Canada); Enaxis Consulting and Adaptly (USA); and SEC Servizi Spa (Italy). All acquisitions are directly related to Accenture’s goal of expanding its portfolio of offerings and services globally.

In the case of Brazil’s New Content, acquired by Accenture on December 4, the content marketing and intelligence company is now under the “Accenture Interactive” arm, focused on integrating immersive brand experiences for Accenture customers in Brazil and America Integrated into the digital spectrum. The acquisition of the Brazilian adds to Accenture more than 200 new employees trained in the content management of the company’s solutions.


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