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Abraham Masry released the “0day” vulnerability for iOS 11.3


In the field of jailbreaking, life continues to boil. Abraham Masry, the developer of tools Houdini and Saigon , publicly released the “0day” vulnerability found in the beta version of the latest firmware Apple iOS 11.3.

This news should please many users, because based on the vulnerability, you can create a jailbreak.

However, Abraham himself writes that with this vulnerability, little can be done. It seems that it’s too early to rejoice. Nevertheless, hope is not worth losing, because in the future it will still be possible for something to use.

The vulnerability discovered by the developer is in  the iOS security platform. It was discovered in the version of iOS 11.3, which is still at the beta stage. This means that the vulnerability concerns previous versions, like iOS 11.2.6 and below.

Before publishing the vulnerability, Abraham Masri reported it to Apple. Accordingly, it should be fixed in the final version of iOS 11.3, which will be released this spring. However, it can still be used for previous versions of iOS 11.2.6 and below.


And other developers shared their opinion. Siguza suggested that using the vulnerability could achieve sandbox escape and access to root, but later added that he should study the vulnerability in more detail, since “security works as a separate user”. Masri explained in detail the essence of the vulnerability, and also published it publicly.

Let’s see what happens. If you’re interested, the vulnerability can be studied on the GitHub page .


  1. This is so wow! But what about Android users?! Abeg Abraham masry, don’t forget we the android users 👥! Thanks for the info..


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