Home NEWS A patent shows the possible appearance of LG’s foldable smartphone

A patent shows the possible appearance of LG’s foldable smartphone

A patent shows the possible appearance of LG's folding smartphone

2019 should be the year of foldable smartphones, and even LG should propose its own solution, but waiting for late summer, probably at IFA 2019. A new patent shows us how LG smartphone could be made, with a screen that folds towards the back, leaving it therefore always exposed.

Once opened, the smartphone can be used as a normal tablet with a special hinge that combines the front and back. The images attached to the patent show an interface that adapts to the screen, with some icons, relating to the most used apps, shown in the additional portion in the central part.



On the back side are two groups of cameras that should allow you to take pictures from different angles and create three-dimensional images. As always, the patent does not give us certain information on the final design of the folding smartphone, given that LG could change its mind and see what the competition presents, adapting its solution based on the initial reactions of users.

What do you think of the possible design of this foldable smartphone? Do you think this technology could be useful or will it be limited to a small niche in the market? The comment box is at your disposal.



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