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93% of Facebook’s revenue comes from smartphones and tablets

A new report published by the statesman in the last few days does nothing but confirm how fundamental the mobile sector is for Facebook.

The social network giant, in fact, has its own main source of income in advertising and are the mobile users to guarantee almost all revenue to Facebook.

This is simple to explain: there are more and more people who use their smartphone to access the flood of content that the Web has to offer. Whether it’s news or social networks, video or messaging, the smartphone is now the fundamental tool for most users.

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No wonder, therefore, if Facebook has recorded in the mobile sector 93% of sales and the biggest revenue is obviously that which derives from advertising (and this is the reason why the social network giant has so to collect the data of its users).

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Facebook recorded a 30% increase in revenue generated from sales compared to the same period of the previous year, with revenues of almost 16 billion dollars thanks to advertisements displayed on smartphones and tablets.

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