773 million emails and passwords leaked! Make sure yours is not here!

This is probably one of the biggest leaks, or leaks of information, from the last few days after Yahoo’s security flaw. More than 773 million emails are available on the Internet. Of these, 20 million passwords were also discovered.

The information leak with the name ” Collection # 1″ was discovered in MEGA with more than 12,000 files and a total of 87GB of information. Since we are talking about just “text” believes that this is an information leak that we have to take care of.

It is not known how these emails and passwords went to MEGA. It is not known who made such a collection. It is only known that there are millions of emails with passwords information as well.

How to know if your email is on this list

We do not expect you to see your email in a list of over 700 million emails. So there is a simple way to know if your email was involved in some information leak.

When you access the ” Have I been Pwned ” website, you can check if your email has ever had the bad luck of being on a publicly available list. However, the website does not show you whether or not your password has been disclosed.


What if your email is on the Internet?

Firstly, if your email is associated with any information leakage, you will immediately change to a new password. A complex password with uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. This is the best way to safeguard your email account.

I rarely use Email, should I be worried?

Finally, even if you do not use email every day, it is important that your email is safe. Apps like Facebook, Messenger or even your smartphone rely on this security to keep you away from hacks.


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