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7 photo editing applications to enhance your Instagram

Let’s look at photo editing applications carefully. Instagram is more popular than ever before and before publishing anything on the social network I believe it is always worth giving some finishing touches on the photos.

These photo editing applications will not improve your content completely, but they should be exactly what you need to improve your Instagram pictures.

Instagram is no longer just a social network. The application for Android and iOS is an authentic portfolio for your career. Take this to a professional or amateur level.

There is not really a need to pass your photos through these photo editing applications. Incidentally, one of the most popular hashtags of the social network is #nofilter (No filter).

Shine your Instagram with these Android and iOS Apps

If you like to give a special touch to your photos get a look at these applications available for Android and iOS. I’ve tried to bring as many free apps as possible. There are some that are paid (lightroom) but that are worth the investment if you are in it seriously.

A choice of 7 photo editing applications for Android and iOS


One of my favorite photo editing applications, and free, is Snapseed. The app was bought by Google a few years ago and is super complete. Honestly, it’s amazing how such an application is free for Android and iOS. There is no photo that you post in Instagram that does not pass through this application. Incidentally, in my free time, I open the application and I get to work a little on the photographs I took sometime during the week.

Download Snapseed

Adobe Lightroom

One of those that I also like a lot, though, I could not justify the monthly investment is Adobe LightRoom. This application is free but does not give you many possibilities. You can always change the filters a bit and add tweaks here and there, however, if you want the real experience you have to go Premium and pay a monthly fee. If photography is your passion and Instagram is your portfolio, do not think twice.

Download Adobe LightRoom


The Pixlr application is perfect for making collages simply and effectively. The application is free for Android and iOS and after a few hours of training with this application, you will love all its features. It’s not as perfect as Snapseed and Lightroom, though, it’s a lot simpler.

Download Pixlr

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is an application that lets you do something different than your photos. Not my favorite in the industry, though, it’s one of the few that lets me create something that would be impossible in one of the others. The app video speaks for itself.

Download PicsArt Photo Studio

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

“PhotoDirector Photo Editor App” is probably one of the simplest applications right now that will give you the ability to take subjects or objects out of the photo in an acceptable way. Taking a person from the photograph is not simple, much because the subject or object is covering the image that is “behind”. Although it is not as perfect an application as Photoshop (for PC), the application works in an acceptable way.

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Download PhotoDirector Photo Editor App


LightX is another application that also deserves mention for simplicity in complex tasks. If you’ve worked on a more complex photo program you know that to select a certain area and edit this area there is always some work. LightX promises to simplify the experience. I do not think it is perfect, however, there are times that I am entertained with this application.

Download LightX


“Photo Editor by Aviary” is one of the simplest photo editing applications to add elegant text to your photos. There are times when a photograph is worth a thousand words. If you want to give context to your photo with text, this is a good option.

Download Aviary

There’s no shortage of good solutions in the Android and iOS app store. Luckily you no longer need a computer to do a decent job in photo editing.

Of course, if you want something more professional I always advise LightRoom or Photoshop for computer, however, if you just want to give a boost to your Instagram install some of these apps above.

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