Home NEWS 617 Million Accounts Were Stolen Across 16 Different Sites

617 Million Accounts Were Stolen Across 16 Different Sites

617 Million Accounts Were Stolen Across 16 Different Sites

According to a report from The Register, information such as full name, birthday dates, email addresses and passwords of about 617 million people are for sale on the dark web – and all of these data can be purchased for less than US $20 thousand.

According to the site, this data was taken from 16 affected sites, and has user information from virtually the entire world. The complete list of sites, and the number of users that have been affected by each, is as follows:

The 16 Different Sites

  • Dubsmash (162 million people)
  • MyFitnessPal (151 million people)
  • MyHeritage (92 million people)
  • ShareThis (41 million people)
  • HauteLook (28 million people)
  • Animoto (25 million people)
  • EyeEm (22 million people)
  • 8fit (20 million people)
  • Whitepages (18 million people)
  • Fotolog (16 million people)
  • 500px (15 million people)
  • Armor Games (11 million people)
  • BookMate (8 million people)
  • CoffeeMeetsBagel (6 million people)
  • Artsy (1 million people)
  • Datacamp (700 thousand people)

According to the site, some of these places, such as EyeEm and My Heritage, have publicly confirmed that they have been hacked – but not all the invasions have been recent, and some have happened up to two years ago. This is also not the first case of a mass leak of personal data this year since in January about 2.2 billion people were victims of the theft of personal information and passwords.

Avoid problems

If you have used any of these services listed above, you are recommended to switch all passwords for your social networks and emails, and enable two-factor authentication for services that have this option. Even if you have not accessed these services for some time (for example, Fotolog which was once a fever in the country but is now much less successful and has been abandoned by many users), it is still recommended that you change your passwords if you do not have the custom to create a different one for each online login. We explain: from that stolen Fotolog password, criminals can try to access your email and your social networks.

Another recommendation is that if you have purchased anything on some of these sites, be aware of your credit card bill, as their number may also have been stolen.

Now, if you are not sure if it has been affected or not, you can use the services of the Have I Been Pwned website, which allows you to consult for free if your personal information was stolen by criminals and which of the services you have invaded to get these data.

So, you were one of the victims of that leak? Tell us in the comments.


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