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6 Tips from Huawei to capture the essence of photography

6 Tips from Huawei to capture the essence of photography

Huawei has focused heavily on smartphone photography or mobile photography, as we can see from its partnership established in 2016 with Leica, for technological development, perfecting the lenses of its latest equipment. The knowledge that deserves to be shared.

Now, as a specialist in the front camera photography ( selfie ) and street photography, Huawei highlights some of the most important tips to implement street photography.

Street photography gives amateur photographers the opportunity to quickly familiarize themselves with their equipment, broaden the range of their observations and have a better feel for creating photos.

The busy streets and interesting people, objects and scenes that fill them make excellent subjects for a photographer’s lens, which extracts, distills, and expresses the scenes he captures in the language of photography.

It’s time to get on your smartphone and start taking pictures!

With the rapid development of mobile photography, mobile phones, with their portability and ease of use, have become a great tool for street photography. It’s one of the most challenging shooting modes, he believes.

So what are the tricks and techniques that exist when it comes to mobile street photography? To answer that question, Huawei has been on the streets of cities like London, Brighton, and the Isle of Wight and shows him how to use sunlight, colors, and environments to create a street photo album.

1. Know your Smartphone

Street photography means being in the right place at the right time. For this reason, street photographers on the rise must know their equipment well so they can quickly activate the camera on their smartphone.


* photo captured with Huawei P10 Plus smartphone

Nowadays most devices already open the camera very quickly and in the case of the Huawei P10 this allows you to slide up the screen while the camera is locked to open the camera quickly.

In short, the important thing is to be comfortable with the camera functions – with just a touch of the screen can change the focal point of the image and the virtual shutter button. The rhythm of the city does not wait for you to discover the right button, you have to know your machine/smartphoneKnow your Smartphone.

2. Use a variety of angles for your photos

Due to reasons related to physical comfort, habit, and indifference, most people tend to stand up and point their cameras upright and level when taking pictures.

Use a variety of angles for your photos

*photo captured with the Honor 9 smartphone

Such actions often result from boring and lifeless photographs. It does not hurt to mix a little and try new camera angles, as well as ups and downs. Try varying the angle, you will not regret it!

3. Use of mirror images

Lakes, water pools and pools are natural ways to create mirrored images. However, if natural surfaces are not available, you can use surfaces such as glass or even the screen of another phone to create a mirrored surface.

4. Vivid colors to enhance life

To better bring the essence of life down the street, look for scenarios in which vibrant colors, such as red, yellow, blue and green, come together in a single photo.

5. Light is the soul of street photography.

Light causes buildings to cast dynamic shadows on the streets by adding a layer of mystery, as well as giving the viewer a sense of “temperature,” “heat.”

For Huawei and Honor 9 you can slide up or down on your camera’s exposure bar to increase or decrease exposure compensation to find the perfect balance for your photo.

Light is the soul of street photography


* photo captured with the Honor 9 smartphone

If you’re capturing a silhouette, try reducing the exposure compensation by raising the background brightness to better capture the interaction between light and shadow.

6. Find relationships between people and their environment to give the photograph a sense of depth

In addition to being simply enjoyable to look at, great photographs should have a certain level of depth and tell a story. For this, a photographer needs to develop his observation skills, which can be improved through training and practice.

All photos captured with Honor 9

Most casual photographers put a lot of effort into observing people while taking street photographs, and the context and environment in which they exist is not enough. For that reason, to get a great street shot, people and scenarios should take on the same level of importance when it comes to selecting the scene.

The contrasting contours of the buildings against the sky, the patterns in the corners of the streets, the shadows of objects scattered over the walls; these are all elements that make up a great photo.

The ideal street photograph shows the dynamic relationship between people and their environment as opposed to using the environment as simply a static scenario devoid of interaction.

Another suggestion to improve your street photography is to capture the everyday interactions between individuals. Photos that capture ephemeral moments of mood, anger, coincidence and sudden changes are much more vivid than static or posed photos.

Street photography can be the greatest form of esoteric art and the search for the most ordinary layman. But regardless of who, expensive and bulky photographic equipment is no longer a requirement, as today’s mobile phones provide each and every one of us with the ability to participate, act and act.


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