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6 Reasons Not to Install the Beta Version of iOS 12

Today, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 12. This beta is for developers, and a version for public testers is expected in July. In iOS 12, there are many new interesting features, because of which you do not want to wait for the release of the final version already in September.

There is a way to install beta iOS 12 right now, but we do not recommend doing this. Do not forget that this is the very first beta version, which means there will be bugs and problems in it. Below we will explain in detail why it is not worthwhile to install the beta version of iOS 12 on your device.

1. Bugs

Let us repeat that Apple literally just released the first beta version of iOS 12. The final version will be released only in three months. This means that there is a lot of work to be done, namely, to identify and fix all the bugs. Because of bugs, your device may hang, and some functions may not work at all.

Future beta versions of iOS 12 will be more stable, so we advise you to wait for the release of at least the third beta and install on your device only it.

2. Lack of support

You will not get any support from either the application developers or Apple if you have problems. Developers will advise you to wait for the final version, and Apple – the release of the next beta version. Even the developers do not install the beta version on their personal devices, but create special ones for this.

3. Lack of optimization

Apple claims that iOS 12 will significantly improve performance. It really will be so in the final version, but not in the first beta. Your device may start to run slower, because Apple needs time to optimize various models. Even if you notice some performance improvements, they will only touch on some parts of the system, while others, like battery consumption, may get worse on the contrary.

4. Unsupported third-party applications

You do not need to install a beta version, which will not support many applications. The basic set of applications in iOS 12 should work fine, but less popular applications and games can work out of repair until developers update them. And this will not happen until the release of iOS 12 Golden Master version in September. If you are interested in the functionality of your favorite applications, you have one reason not to install the first beta version of iOS 12.

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5. The impossibility of jailbreaking

This point does not apply to users who do not need to jailbreak, but the rest is better not to update, especially with the prospect of jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 in the near future. Even if developers find vulnerabilities in iOS 12, they will not be released until the final version of the update is released, so that Apple does not have time to fix them. For this, too, will have to wait for September.

6. Lack of certain functions

IOS 12 has a lot of new features, but most of them will not yet work fully, or they may not be at all. Apple is still working on features, so they will be completely ready only for the final release. The beta version of the update may even disappoint you. It is better to just wait for the public version to be published, which will be brought to the ideal.

Apple will improve iOS 12 with each new beta version. Most improvements will be aimed at optimizing the system for different models, adding new features and fixing the bugs detected. If you still insist on your own and want to install the beta iOS 12 now, we advise you not to do this at least on your main device in order to avoid problems.

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