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6 Apple employees reportedly fired after the latest leaks

6 Apple employees reportedly fired after the latest leaks

In recent years, leaks about Apple news have become increasingly accurate. A few months ago, Jon Prosser, one of the most important references when it comes to leaks about Apple, made known in an extensive question section on his Twitter account , some of the sources he uses to obtain the type of information that he has become so well known.

In his responses, Prosser confirmed that his sources come from employees of the supplier companies, those in charge of the production line of devices, and internal Apple employees. And at least, from the bitten apple they have begun to take actions to reverse the output of this type of information.

According to a series of tweets posted from the @LeakerApple Twitter account, six employees of the AirPods development team have been fired by Apple, after recent leaks of images of them.

Apple takes action against employees who share confidential information

As is to be expected with most of what is shared on Twitter, the controversy has not taken long to create and users have responded with comments of all kinds, but especially many directed to the Twitter account @chocobit, where the publication of the images of the AirPods Studio, which apparently caused the alleged dismissal of these members of the Apple team.

So far, Apple has not offered any statement in this regard , but it would not be the first that the company, in its full right, takes similar actions. In 2017, on the eve of the launch of the long-awaited iPhone X, the company fired one of its employees, after her daughter publicly shared images of the device, from the Apple campus.

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