Home NEWS 50 Cent has $ 7 million in forgotten bitcoins

50 Cent has $ 7 million in forgotten bitcoins

50 Cent has $ 7 million in forgotten bitcoins

Rapper collected 700 bitcoins in 2014 with the release of the album Animal Ambition

A hitherto uncertain bet made by 50 Cent in 2014 may have finally shown its value.

The first rapper to accept bitcoins as a form of payment, the musician may now have the equivalent of $ 7 million in his pocket for the cryptocurrency, suggests a new report from TMZ.

The fortune would have come from the album Animal Ambition, released just over three years ago with bitcoins as one of the possible forms of payment.

At the time, the musician came to be questioned about the reason to accept bitcoins. At Reddit, 50 Cent stated that “technology is what is changing business”. “I accept money, it does not matter if it’s in coins or in dollars,” he wrote.

According to TMZ, the rapper got a total of 700 bitcoins with album sales. At the time, the value of each bitcoin was around the US $ 662.

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With soaring currency prices in recent months, which now stands at close to $ 10,900, the forgotten 50 Cent fortune has grown considerably.


  1. 7 million dollars! That’s really good! He is a lucky man. But it’s really risky Sha. Thanks so much for this info.


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