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5 reasons why Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best for productivity

5 reasons why Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best for productivity

This smartphone is not for everyone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a smartphone with a very specific audience that loves S Pen and seeks, above all, its potential regarding productivity.

If you are a fan of the Note line and still think twice if you should get this “beast”, this article is for you. Bigger, more powerful and with all the features that the best Android – see – the market can offer.

Although your price starts at 1000 €, if you are a power user, the potential of this Note 8 at the level of productivity will not make you think twice about buying it. I bring you five reasons that make you the best regarding productivity.

Does size matter?

As for smartphones, yes. And as far as productivity goes. Note line fans not only do not care about the 6.3 ” inches, they’ll appreciate it. And beyond the size, it is unquestionable that Samsung has the best screens on the market.

The AMOLED display with a resolution of 2960 × 1440 allows you to see well and more at the same time. Thus, reading and responding to e-mail is easier, just as much scrolling is avoided when doing research.

The multi-tasking is another level!

This topic deepens the previous one. If Android does a good job of multi-tasking, Samsung sets the bar higher.

In Samsung Galaxy Note 8 you can do a “copy paste” between apps in multi-tasking

The multi-window mode allows you to open two applications and work on them simultaneously. The screen is divided and each app is in its “corner”, and the size can be adapted. Then it is also possible to copy-paste between the two open applications and minimize them, such as on a desktop.

But the most interesting is the end. With App Pairing you can define two applications that, with a simple touch, will open simultaneously whenever you want.

Another interesting app is Glance. You can use S Pen to minimize applications in a small window in the corner of the screen and return to them when you want.

All-day battery

It depends on your use, of course. Given the problems of the previous model, the Note 8 battery has been decreased. However, at 3300mAh you are likely to be able to work one day. However, if hunger comes earlier, this gentleman supports fast charging or charging wirelessly.

AS Pen is the main figure

I have no problem claiming that I see it as an authentic gimmick. A regular user will play with the S Pen for the first few days and then set it aside. However, this smartphone is not for ordinary users.

Note line fans know how to use S Pen and how to make it a productivity tool. Taking simple notes is a matter of 1 second between drawing the pen to open the app for the purpose. In design and design applications this tool also works quite competently.

AS Pen assists you in functions such as translation and smart selection

Functions like translation are also included in the S Pen, which makes it even more appealing. Bixby Vision, intelligent selection, write on the screen or Live Messages are other features you can use using this stylus.

No other pen comes close to the S Pen as far as the mobile market is concerned. As much as it’s worth, Samsung has this market just for you.

Samsung DeX makes your Note on a computer

With its limitations, Samsung DeX is a good idea. Still half embryonic, it was launched with the Galaxy S8 and has plenty of progressions.

As you will know, this allows you to turn your smartphone into a desktop. It is enough for this to ally you to a monitor, mouse and keyboard and boom – your Note is a computer. At least in theory may be here something that in future has much to progress.

Imagine that you have a DeX at home and at work or school. Just get in, put your personal smartphone and you’re ready to work with everything you need. Of course, the hardware is limited at the moment, but the future can pass through here.

Expensive, quite expensive. So is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, this piece of technology has more features than at first glance we think. It tells us what you think of this terminal and if these characteristics make you think of disbursing 1000 € in a smartphone.


  1. To be frank I’ve only used my money to buy Samsung phone once.. and i promised myself that I won’t ever use a Sammy product again. Xiaomi and Gionee products are better than Sammy if you ask me..

    However, another person might disagree with me tho..


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