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5 new apps to install on your Android

5 new apps to install on your Android

Mobile applications are of great importance to smartphone users, and every day new proposals come up, some cool, some very useful … and others that do not serve rigorously at all.

Today’s proposal is to let you know 5 apps that have recently arrived in Google’s Play Store or have received important updates to install on your Android.

Panda NES – NES Emulator

Panda NES Emulator will take you back to the 90’s! This app integrates more than 100 NES games, supports touchscreen, gamepad, and keyboard (with customizable keys). It’s guaranteed fun.

From the same programmer know the Panda Keymapper 64bit – Gamepad, mouse, keyboard.

Panda NES - NES Emulator

Homepage: wangjiji 

Price: Free


Android Pie brings you the Private DNS that you want to guarantee security on the Internet and the sites you visit. Since most users will not have access to Android P in the near future, the option might be Intra, an app that implements DNS over HTTPS.


Homepage: Jigsaw Operations LLC 
Price: Free

Pixel Pie DARK Icon Pack

Customizing Android is something that many users are looking for. Besides the launchers, there are the icon packs that come to dictate the difference even more.

This is based on the Android Pie, but on its more “black” side, with a “Dark” version. Worth a try.

Homepage: JustNewDesigns 
Price: € 0.59


[DESIGN: OFFROAD] is a simulation game where the player will have 70 different levels, with missions to fulfill. Includes 4 × 4, 6 × 6 and 8 × 8 models for a more realistic experience.

Price: Free

Voice Access

Voice Access is an accessibility service that allows you to control Android with spoken commands. Voice access can be useful for people who have difficulty using a touch screen due to paralysis, tremor, temporary injury, or other reasons.

This service recently received an important update, where in addition to bug fixes were added the “OK Google” command to start the service and other new voice commands.

Homepage: Google LLC 
Price: Free


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