5 facts of Android you probably do not know – part 1

5 facts of Android you probably do not know - part 1

This is currently the most popular mobile operating system in the world has celebrated 10 years. However, it still reserves several surprises and many facts to discover. Come on, we’ll tell you all about the Android from North American Google.

We are accustomed to your presence on our smartphones, our tablets as well as watches and even cars. Therefore, this operating system now unfolds in several facets but do you know all these facts about it?

10 curiosities divided into two articles to easily assimilate everything that will then be exposed. Having said that, did you know all these 10 facets of the most popular operating system in the world? From here, the discovery begins now!

Therefore this will be the first of two articles dividing the content into articles of easy reading and understanding. This and if you have any device with this operating system or if you are simply curious you will surely like to discover these facts!

5 facts of Android you probably do not know

1st- Android was not founded by Google

Contrary to popular belief, this operating system was not born within the American Google. In fact Android is the creation of Andy Rubin (current CEO of Essential ), Chris White, Nick Sears as well as Rich Miner. He was born in October of 2003.

Only later in August 2005 did the US company Google end the acquisition of the operating system. However, this company has always assisted the original team in developing the platform.

The deal was signed for $ 50 million and as soon as the ink dried up, Google unveiled the product to operators and manufacturers of mobile devices. His promise was mainly about the flexibility of the system as well as its potential for updating.

2nd – Operating system is designed for cameras

Initially developed and designed for digital cameras, Google would release the operating system in November 2007. This after realizing the potential of Android for new devices, the phones that eventually would be known as smartphones.

Therefore the American technology adapted the system, giving it new functions specifically for smartphones. Thus came the platform we currently know. Nowadays its name is practically synonymous of a smartphone.

3rd – HTC Dream was the first Android smartphone

This was the first smartphone to adopt the then young Google platform. The dreamy HTC Dream which, in hindsight, would catapult the Taiwan-based brand into fame.

HTC Dream

Coming to the market in October 2008 the terminal used a version of the Linux-based operating system. The adaptation was made by the American Google Google, thus debuting version 1.0 and guaranteeing updates until version 1.6.

However, the product would be criticized for lack of features and was in the shadow of names like Nokia, its Symbian OS as well as BlackBerry. At the same time it would be dubbed an innovator.

4º- Currently has more than 2 billion users 

The announcement was made by then-vice president and current CEO of Google Android Sundar Pichai in 2015. Since then it has been estimated that this figure has been growing, with the system already in more than 190 countries around the world.

In short, this is currently the most popular platform in the world.

5º- The names of the versions of the operating system

The whole rule has its exception with that of this operating system being version 1.0 and 1.1. All the others would have since been christened with the name of a popular dessert or a very well known candy.

The code names have been chosen alphabetically and sometimes even within the same (numerical) version we have different names. See JellyBean and KitKat. However, recently we have a new number and a new name for each version.

To know:


  • Version 1.5


  • Version 1.6


  • Version 2.0
  • Version 2.1


  • Version 2.2


  • Version 2.3


  • Version 3.0
  • Version 3.1
  • Version 3.2

Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • Version 4.0

Jelly Bean:

  • Version 4.1
  • Version 4.2
  • Version 4.3


  • Version 4.4


  • Version 5.0
  • Version 5.1


  • Version 6.0


  • Version 7.0


  • Version 8.0


  • Version 9.0

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