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5 Best Music Player For Android


I am actually playing a song while writing you this.
That is because music is an aspect of life that isn’t just for pleasure purpose or for relaxing alone.
Some listen to music for inspiration, for focus, etc…Whichever reason you have to listen to a song, you should listen to it through a good music replay medium to have the maximum output, you wouldn’t want to strain your hearing to get the words on a soundtrack or a beat from an acoustic, etc. Android devices are one of the most used music medium in recent times. Some android devices come with good stuck music player, some don’t, others are just awful and makes listening to a song a pain, like a sting of needle on the thumb. That said, please let me show how you don’t have to stick to something if its not worth it.
Welcome to android third party music players review.
We will be talking about this five music players.
1.Playerpro (paid)
2.Jetaudio plus (paid)
3.TTPod (free)
4.Musicxmatch (free)
5.Walkman (free)
Playerpro is not an app that reads your sd and internal memory for songs, and just replays them to you.
Its more. Playerpro v3 has a really nice ui(no theming feature yet).
It’s sound enhancing features are so many you would never get tired editing them.Without the DSPack it uses a 5band equalizer and few effects, with the dspack it uses 9band equalizer, has a fader option, gapless playback and so much to enable you get the best out of each song. Playerpro also have great widgets to choose from for easy access to the app and an option to install it on sd card and still retain the widgets so long you download the widget pack.

Jetaudio Plus

Jetaudio maybe coming second on the review count, but it’s by no means outperformed by Playerpro.

Jetaudio plus has most of the requirements you want from a simple music player to an efficient music player.
Jetaudio plus doesn’t need any added app, as it comes with inbuilt with 3 different sound systems, including an equalizer and jetaudio sound effects. It supports 10 and 5band equalizing effects, Its features are so rich you are 90% sure every sound you get while using it on your device is the best. Jetaudio plus has one of the best widgets I have found in a music player, though unlike Playerpro, Jetaudio plus has to be installed on the internal memory to use its widgets, because it has no widget pack.

TTpod apk

Ttpod has decent features, and the sound reproduction whether with an earphone or through your phone’s speakers, its always nice to listen to.Unlike jetaudio or playerpro.
Ttpod supports themes and also has rich equalizer and bass boosting enhancer, its light and easy to use.
Its can also help discover songs being played on the radio or any music platform. It also has a paired feature within which helps displays songs lyrics even when its not embedded in the music file.

Musicxmatch is known for its ability to download album arts, song arts for songs with missing arts.
It can also identify songs being played and has a really good equalizer, it also has an option to listen to the beat of a song with the voice reduced to the minimum.
Download MusicxMatch

Sony has been around since the days of big tapes and huge speaker players, so the Sony Walkman music app is nothing less than brilliant. Doesn’t have added equalizer or lyrics reading ability. But it stands out with its ability to use your phone’s inbuilt music enhancing system, which makes Walkman less bugy and very easy to use with your phone.
There you have it, 5 music apps for android that makes listening to songs through your phone a joy. Each unique and ready to meet your taste.
Also Check Nexmusic-Player V3
Do leave your comments and questions, or ratings about this music players, we are here to listen.


  1. I love this post. Of course, everybody like music a lot (am number 1) lol. I found this post very helpful cause I've used many music players, and the best is among the post list (TTPOD). That's what am using. It's packed with a lot of features like lyrics (which Is more interesting). You can also optimize the sound track to your test. I love this. Kudos @Admin

  2. First of all, i am not only mad that poweramp is not on your list, am weeping and asking why it is not no 1..av used all the music players on ur list and all of dem r gud, i still use player pro, walkman, musicxmatch sometimes but poweramp is simply d best, with diffrent skins and wide range of customizations..pls u all need to try it, i cant post a pic, i wud have shown u a screen shot of my power amp, trust me, it is d best


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