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5 amazing gadgets that will soon be available

5 amazing gadgets that will soon be available

Every day hundreds of new projects appear on Kickstarter. It’s incredibly difficult to keep track of everything, and not all startups deserve attention. That’s why today we decided to tell you about the five most interesting and innovative gadgets that will go on sale in the coming month’s thanks to this site.

We have already done a similar selection earlier. If you missed it, we advise you to pay attention– especially since some of those projects are still raising funds for implementation.

Radius – a repellent from mosquitoes of wide action

Of course, different people have different points of view, but in one, perhaps, everyone agrees: mosquitoes are a nightmare. They are carriers of diseases, leave traces that are itchy and do not go away for several days, and are able to penetrate almost anywhere. In the summer evening, any attempts to walk or arrange a sit-round by the fire certainly end in swearing and clapping themselves in an attempt to get rid of annoying insects.

You can burn special plates or use citronella oil – bloodsuckers will still find a way to bite you. And that’s what Thermacell is about to change. This team has created a universal device called Radius. It is positioned as the world’s first reusable repellent, approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

As reported by the creators, Radius works differently than the usual sprays or lotions. Radius uses thermal to spread a transparent repellent with no taste and smell. Once the device is activated, the repellent creates an invisible protective zone. Instead of spraying your skin and clothing with chemicals, Radius is tuned to the mosquitoes themselves. In a few minutes after turning on, all the winged guests will disappear.

Price: $ 40 for a device and a refill for 12 hours; $ 50 for a device, a 40-hour refill and a brand baseball cap

Release: February 2018

Project LinkKickstarter

OneManBand – clever accompaniment

Playing the guitar, but always like to improvise with someone? In this case, you have two options: either find another musician who agrees to play with you, or buy a pedal-luper to record your own game, and then play and play again. However, the third option is now available: a small gadget called OneManBand.

Once you install it on your guitar, the device will begin to listen to what you are playing, adapt to it and create an accompaniment in real time. In other words, once you start playing, the artificial intelligence of OneManBand will adjust so that you can improvise together. In fact, you no longer need to adjust to the accompaniment. You can create and express yourself as you want, and the program will adjust to you.

OneManBand is presented in two formats. It can be like a small device Upgrade Kit, which you can connect to your guitar and monitor with the application, and the actual guitar with an already built-in improvement. The manufacturer offers both electronic and acoustic instruments. Installation of the additional module takes no more than 10 minutes and works with most acoustic and electronic guitars.

Training is not required: just take the guitar in your hand and play the way you used to what you like. In addition, the paired application allows you to transform what you play into the sounds of any other instrument – from the synthesizer to the drums. Also, OneManBand allows you to record the parts so that after collecting them in a single song in GarageBand or another application that is convenient for you. Alone and having only one guitar you can record a full track for which you would need a whole group.

Price : $ 149 for the Upgrade Kit; $ 249 for an acoustic guitar; $ 449 for an electronic guitar

Release : September 2018

Project Link : Kickstarter

Zanco Tiny T1 – the smallest phone in the world

In 2001, the film “Zulander” appeared on the screens (he is also the “Exemplary Male” in the Russian box office). In it, the characters used to communicate tiny mobile phones, a local indicator of high status. The smaller the phone, the steeper its owner.

Although this was obviously a mockery of the mobile culture that was just beginning to develop actively (which at that time was unusually large compared to tiny screens), now, 16 years later, just as small a phone really created – and you can buy it on Kickstarter.

Zanco Tiny T1, according to the description of the project, “less than your thumb, is lighter than a coin, and ridiculously cute.” With the latter, of course, it’s difficult to argue.

About the characteristics of almost nothing is said, but the manufacturer notes that the Tiny T1 “can work with any mobile operator. You can also change the nano-SIM if you decide to change the operator or phone number. A small phone works in 2G networks. The battery lasts for 3 days of standby time and 180 minutes of talk time. ”

Price : £ 30

Release : May 2018

Project Link : Kickstarter

Morphcooker – electric stove

Hiking plates are becoming more popular in recent times since they allow not to sacrifice the taste and quality of food cooked outside the house. They are presented in all possible forms and sizes – from compact and light, which are placed in a tourist backpack, to large enough to feed a large group of travellers. But not all of them are as convenient and versatile as Morphcooker, a new portable tile, which is now at the stage of raising funds for Kickstarter.

The idea of creating Morphcooker came to the designer Lawrence Bays three years ago, when he was looking for the safest way to prepare food in a camping. The reason for this was the injury that his father received in the campaign. Because of the defective gas tile, the camping tent caught fire, and the man suffered from fire. Lawrence made 19 prototypes before he managed to create a design not only safe, but also environmentally safe and convenient for cooking plate.

The final product is offered in two versions: Morphcooker Solo and Morphcooker Family. At the heart of both models is an 8-inch silicone plate that serves as the actual cooking plate, frying pan and heating element for the pan, portable oven or water heater. Silicone is quite strong, contains a heating element and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The model is also equipped with a handle on a magnetic fastener, which can be replaced by any other.

Versions differ only in their dimensions. At Morphcooker Solo it is 120?120?84 mm (?????), at Morphcooker Family – 200?200?84 mm.

Price : NZ $ 139 or $ 96 for Morphcooker Solo; NZ $ 149 or $ 105 for Morphcooker Family

Release : March 2018

Project Link : Kickstarter

Sound Reactive LED Mask – light music on your face

The name speaks for itself. It’s just a thin and flexible mask with a number of stylish functions, the main one of which, of course, is the ability to “hear” ambient sounds (especially works well with loud electronic music) and automatically adjust the color, pattern and brightness of the backlight.

The masks themselves are available in a huge variety of patterns – from quite human to cat (in fact, more like a panther), monkey and fox muzzles. The rest about this development no one will say better than the creators themselves.

The first mask was created more than 9000 years ago. In the future, they were actively used for a variety of purposes – from camouflage to highlighting a characteristic feature of a person. Sound Reactive LED Mask displays the use of masks to a new level. It combines art and modern technology and fascinates everyone who sees it. With this mask, any music or simple rhythm turns into a delightful light-music. They are easy to transport, wear and adjust for themselves. They are ideal as a supplement to a suit or a self-contained accessory for any occasion.

Price: CA $ 35 for any mask; CA $ 65 for two masks; CA $ 125 for four masks; CA $ 225 for eight masks to choose from

Release: May 2018

Project LinkKickstarter



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