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4 ways to select files on a Mac

Most actions in macOS are performed through the Finder.
Finder is a standard file manager on Mac computers. In addition, it can perform actions with files, such as: moving, copying, bifurcating, etc.
All these actions begin with the selection of the desired files. In macOS, there are several ways to select one or more files at once.
If you often work with files, then it is worth remembering the methods, which we will discuss below. This will greatly simplify your work.

4 ways to select files on a Mac

macOS supports the following methods
  • Pressing the mouse button: select one file.
  • Click + Shift : select a group of files.
  • Pressing the + Command button : selects any number of files.
  • Select all: the team name speaks for itself.
All methods above are supported by all versions of Macintosh OS and work in any display mode of Finder.
Remember these useful combinations to highlight several files in the Finder, on the desktop and in other folders.

1. Select one file

To select one document, folder, program, disk, etc. in the Finder, just click on it.

2. Select files in the window

To select all files in the same window, click on the box that it is active, and then hold down the Command ) + A .

3. Select files from each other

To select multiple files that are not nearby, hold down the Command ) key  and click on each desired file, and then release the key.

4. Select a group of files

To select files that are in the same list, do the following:
1)  Click on the first file
2)  Hold down the  Shift key )  and click on the last file in the list.
All files between them are automatically highlighted. Note that this method does not work if the files are displayed with icons, not a list.
You can also click the button next to the files and without releasing the buttons, select all the files you want by dragging the cursor on the screen.
The method with dragging the cursor works in all modes, but it is most convenient when displaying files in the form of icons.
For your convenience, the file names are displayed in the Finder. Thus, it is convenient to select files by clicking on an empty space next to the name of one of them. Otherwise it would be easy to accidentally drag the file to another location.
The following commands allow you to quickly switch between display modes:
  • Icons:  Command ( ) – 1
  • List:  Command ( ) – 2
  • Columns:  Command ( ) – 3
  • Cover Flow:  Command ( ) – 4
In addition, you can combine several methods to remove the selection from unnecessary files.
If you accidentally select unnecessary files, you can deselect them by clicking on them with the Command (?) key pressed.
To change the beginning of a group of selected files, hold down Shift and select another file. You can also select several files that are nearby, and then add a few more deleted ones, marking them with the Command key pressed, while continuing to hold Shift.
Moreover, in the Finder you can change the standard (blue) selection color to make it easier to notice the selected files.
To do this, open  System Preferences, go to  Basic Settings and select  Highlight Color .

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