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3 Xiaomi and BlitzWolf portable fans to cope with the heat


The heat seems finally to have come, and with it comes the need to refresh yourself. You’re working, watching a movie or playing, it’s a fan, it could be one of your best friends. That’s why we have compiled three very portable solutions, which will offer you interesting options for coping with the heat.

The criteria chosen were portability , and with it comes the possibility of using them without being attached to any outlet. None of these solutions brings great ‘technology magic’, since the purpose is that you have to spend as little as possible, taking these solutions anywhere. We present three brand solutions that we trust: Xiaomi and Blitzwolf, priced between 11 and 26 euros .

1. Xiaomi Youpin VH – the cheapest and portable

This is a very portable ventilation solution from Xiaomi. You have the possibility to put the fan in the base, or to take it directly. The price is 11 euros at this time, and it is difficult to ask for better for this amount.

You will be able to adjust the ventilation in three speeds. Its 2000mAh battery provides you with battery for 4 hours of use, and it has a charging time of 2 hours. Quite quiet, it comes equipped with a cable so you can continue to use it when the battery runs out.

2. Xiaomi Mijia Solove Desktop Fan – Adjustable and with good mobility

The second solution brings you more solutions in terms of battery life and fit. This model amounts to 21 euros , and has a mobile head that allows it to rotate up to 60 degrees between the right and left automatically. In addition, you can move the head up to 27 ° up or down manually.

It has 3 speeds and a 4000mAh battery. According to the data provided, this allows you to have fresh air for 12 hours without worrying about the battery. The front net can be removed for easy cleaning.

3. BlitzWolf BW-FUN1 – versatile and with great autonomy

The BlitzWolf solution is the most expensive ( 26 euros ), but also the most interesting in terms of options that will offer you. With this fan, it is possible to use it on the desktop, or extend it up to 974mm – to be almost three feet high.

Besides being quite easy to clean, it has a design that is very adaptable to any circumstance. It has four wind modes, and a 7200mAh battery, which will allow you to use the fan (in the most yours mode) for up to 23.5 hours. If you want a versatile fan, this one is well worth the price. The charging time is 5 hours.

There will be other interesting solutions, but we have chosen to bring you these brands that we trust. Xiaomi does not need presentations, and here at home, I count on a power bank and a BlitzWolf earphones whose quality is to be trusted.


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