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3 ways how to record a phone conversation on Android

call recording

Today we will focus on only one important and interesting features of mobile devices – call recording. Note that these applications are useful to you in many situations. Phone records are often excellent evidence. When business negotiations recording allows fixing the important facts. In addition, the recorded conversations can be a family, the private value.

Outset that uses similar applications for illegal purposes is prohibited. It is illegal to record other people’s conversations. Well, in general, the use of programs for recording is legal, and the certificate to that posted in the Google Play Development.

We will analyze the three programs that allow you to record telephone conversations and tell you how to record a phone conversation on Android:

call recording

The app “Call records” has a minimalist design, but the recorder’s functionality is very good. On the main page, there are only 2 tabs included and stored. Here are placed all available record conversations. The free version has banner advertising. In the pop-up menu and nothing more, it commands are available:

  1. Storing files online
  2. Opening the voice recorder or settings
  3. The story about the application
  4. Purchase Pro-version

Regarding the first point, it allows you to keep a record of conversations in the cloud Google Drive or Dropbox storage. It is convenient to organize and protect your files, or in the case of lack of memory in the device. Conveniently, the recording starts automatically (can be disabled in the settings). If you want to use the manual recorder mode, during a call, you have to press the record button. The auto parameter has 3 operation modes:

  • Record everything (all by default). When you activate this setting, the application will save conversations from all contacts except those that have been made to your ignore list.
  • Ignore all. In this mode, recorded conversations only those subscribers that have been selected in the settings.
  • Ignore contacts. When this parameter is made call recording to those who are not on the list.

In the settings you can choose what to do with talk: save, retain or to ask the user. The resulting files are placed in the path / sdcard / call recording /, data format – AMR. The number of entries is limited only by the available space on the memory card. Given that the number of entries you can set to be displayed on the main page.

Also worth noting is that the Pro-version of the program is available shake to start recording. This can be useful when you do not load start automatically.


ACR Recording calls

“Record Call” app ACR program interface is similar to the device. Only here on the main page is home to more tabs. In addition to the “Inbox”, there are points of “All”, “Outbox”, “Important”, and sorting the record button. The application also has a basket that contains the deleted files. But a competitive advantage of the application is the abundance of different settings (and, in fact, excellent functionality).

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ACR allows you to set the PIN code on startup. This is useful for storing confidential data than the majority of cases and are recorded conversations. Another important feature was a large number of available formats for recording telephone conversations. There is a choice 3GP, AMR, MP3, FLAC and many others – in a total of more than 10 audio file extensions. If necessary, to set a delay start recording, the outgoing and incoming calls separately configured. conversation recording is stored in the directory / mnt / sdcard / ACRCalls

Unfortunately, the free version is only available automatic call recording mode. But it may not be necessary to set it up with the proper manual operation (by pressing the button in the pop-up window). This will help save settings conversations that their end will be offered options with records. You can also select to automatically delete short audio tracks.

Another important function of the ACR is working with cloud services. The program allows you to send to the network received calls. In contrast to the previous application, ACR has the support of the majority of stores. Including OneDrive, WebDAV, FTP, or Auto Email. In addition, it is possible to connect to the program via Wi-Fi. For more detailed configuration options are available to limit the file upload and renaming entries.

ACR disadvantage – limited support android-devices. In the settings, you can see a list of devices that will not work with it.

Download ACR


This application is different from the previous two more detailed, flexible operation with the recording files. CallRec have a built-in editor – it allows you to correct the resulting write and perform some actions with it (sending to other users, comment, filtering, etc.). In this case, the data is automatically added to “My Favorites” tab. Apart from this point, there are sections on the main page of the “All”, “Inbox” and “Outbox”.

You can start recording automatically or by pressing the dedicated button on the pop-up window. At the end of the program will ask whether to store audio recordings to the memory card or android-device is necessary.

In CallRec realized a great tool for setting up recording. You can not save short conversations (the minimum duration as specified), put a pause before starting to record, you can also include protection against removal or one of the preset modes for incoming and outgoing calls:

  • record all
  • Do not record audio
  • Record only contacts
  • Not only write contacts

The operating principle of the presets like “Call records” (will not repeat).

Conversations can be recorded in one of three formats: AMR, MP4 or WAV. It is possible to change the quality of the files. However, the developer warns that some devices may cause errors when you change settings. The received records are found here: /storage/sdcard0/.CVRecorder/

To demonstrate the operation of the program developers have created several types of alerts:

  • Disabling the start of recording warning. Useful for very frequent use of the program.
  • Recording modes alert. Here you select the display of notifications before the recording or during it, or you can turn off completely.
  • Notification of maintaining records at the end of the conversation.
  • Notification of the error. It is preferable to include this type of notification in order to avoid embarrassing situations.
  • Alerts when automatic deletion of records. It occurs when the memory is full

Download CallRec



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