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3 simple keys to identify Fake Device

Fake Device

Galaxy “Ntoe” instead of “Note”? No, Samsung cannot have a typo error … it is the work of the counterfeiters. In the world of mobile technology, Everything that shines is not gold.

Many brands are victims of scammers working in different parts of the world – mainly from Asia – creating identical copies of their devices. And it is often tough to distinguish them from the originals.

Fake Device

The problem with imitations is that they are often of poorer quality and less secure and durable than the original ones because they have lower performance (and much cheaper) hardware. Of course, common sense itself can be, in most cases, our best ally to know if we are facing a false product: if something is too good and cheap to be true …

And if the store where you are going to buy it is of doubtful credibility or you are making a second-hand purchase from a distance, it is always better to distrust. The fascination of the Chinese for fake products: something more than a big deal Too cheap to be true? How to avoid falling into phantom scams online

The three simple keys to identify Fake Device

1. Check the IMEI

All phones have a unique identification number that reveals information about it. If the iPhone is original, you will have the serial number (IMEI) recorded on the back. You can also find it in the product box.

It is a kind of identity card of the device, very useful when handling procedures or technical procedures with the operator or the manufacturer. It is important because, in fact, some services use it as a password to access our terminal.

Each company has its shortcuts to identify it. It usually appears on the battery and in the phone box on a sticker with a number, usually on a bar code. You can also access it in the settings menu of your mobile phone, if it is Android, by dialling the code * # 06 # on the screen, and if it is Apple, in iTunes or recorded on the back of the phone.

In contrast, counterfeit phones usually do not incorporate any IMEI numbers, or they are false. Check it with the signature.

2. Use a benchmark application

A benchmark (benchmark) is a kind of performance test that tests the performance of an electronic device (computer or smartphone).

There are specific applications that let you know if a phone is fake. If you install a benchmark app on the phone -AnTuTu, CPU-Z, Geekbench, Vellamo … – you can know if it is performing below expectations or if, on the contrary, it works correctly.

The data appear as points that evaluate the RAM, the quality of the camera and other capabilities of the smartphone. Some of them, like AnTuTu Officer, tell us directly if the phone is fake. It’s a free app, but only for Android.

But if you have an Apple you can opt for another option: you have a specific section on your website where you can check it by entering the IMEI of your cell phone.

3. Look at the small details: from the weight to the brightness of the screen

It is vital not to overlook any detail, however insignificant it may seem. Look at each of the details before you buy, from the packaging to the weight of the phone.

New technologies increasingly make it harder to distinguish between original and fake products, but careful analysis of materials and packaging design may be the key to not falling into the trap.

Look carefully at the logo, available colours and finish, and read the description of the materials used. And check if there is any grammatical fault in the packaging and if its operation is slower than normal.

Also check the exact dimensions and how much the phone weighs, the brightness of the screen and the quality of the image and the cameras.

Finally, see if you have a customs stamp behind the battery, which will indicate that it was legally marketed, and always asks for a purchase invoice to be able to claim.
And in the case of fake iPhone, there is a vital clue: the iTunes store usually redirects you to another place, such as the Spotify app. And if you open FaceTime, chances are it will take you straight to the number marker.



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