Home NEWS 3 features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 highlighted in new teasers

3 features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 highlighted in new teasers

3 features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 highlighted in new teasers

The official presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 is just around the corner and as such, the manufacturer has already started to launch some official teasers of the new top of the range. In this wave of videos published by Samsung Vietnam, 3 of the new features of the new smartphone were highlighted.

In each of the videos, a unique specification is highlighted, with the capabilities of its battery, front camera with 4K video recording and also its ultrasonic fingerprint reader been mentioned.

It is true that none of these short videos reveals new things about the new top of the range. However, it is always with good eyes that we see the confirmation of new functionalities in an official way.

Samsung is ready to ‘reconquer’ the smartphone market with new features

First of all, we have the highlight of the new fingerprint reader on the screen. This is the most advanced ultrasonic sensor developed by Qualcomm. According to the company, will ensure not only higher security but also higher speed.

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So, of course, the new top-of-the-range South Korean manufacturer will be perfect tools for wireless payments and also to ensure the safety of your bitcoins.

Secondly, we have the new capabilities of your battery. In addition to offering above-average capacity (for Samsung), they will also come with ‘reverse charging’ support. There is talk about the potential of the new Galaxy S10 to arrive with support for faster loading, this being a segment where Samsung is far behind the competition.

Finally, the new capabilities of your front camera are also highlighted. As we mentioned recently, the front camera of Samsung Galaxy S10 will have the ability to record video in 4K. The new teaser seems to confirm support for OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), which should ensure much more stable recordings.



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