Home NEWS 26 billion spam calls in 2018, quarter from scammers

26 billion spam calls in 2018, quarter from scammers

26 billion spam calls in 2018, quarter from scammers

In 2018, the US consumer received a whopping 26.3 billion calls, which is 46 percent more than the total number of calls for 2017, according to Hiya, the manufacturer of call identification software.

The company estimates that people receive an average of 10 unwanted calls per month and that 25 percent of all automatic calls are fraud. The three main categories of unwanted calls in the United States include general spam, fraud and telemarketing.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spoke about plans to combat the problem of automatic calls in the United States. Uu. FCC President Ajit Pay sent a letter to operators in November requesting the industry to implement a call authentication system for this year. The system aims to combat the falsification of the caller’s number.

This pushes operators to immediately accept Delivery based on the signatures of information declared using tokens (Shaken) and Secure Phone Identification standards.

The operators then “sign” calls originating from their network, which will be checked by other operators before they reach the phone.

According to YouMail, another phone call blocking service, the situation in 2018 was even worse, as the company last week reported about 47.8 billion US automatic telephone calls. Uu. Last year, Robokall in 2018 increased by 56.8 percent compared to 30.5 billion robokalls estimated in 2017.

Their data showed that 37 percent of all random calls were medical insurance frauds, student loans, easy money fraud, tax fraud, travel fraud, business fraud and guarantee fraud. The remaining 60 percent of robokalls were legal, including telemarketing calls, reminders, and alerts.

The FCC and the Federal Trade Commission refer to illegal and unwanted illegal calls as the main source of complaints. In 2017, the FTC received 7.1 million consumer complaints about robotic calls, compared with 5.3 million in 2016. The FCC claims to receive about 200,000 complaints a year.

The number of automatic calls has increased over the years, despite the fact that more than 200 million consumers in the United States have registered in the Registry not to call.


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