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Top 10 Arab countries that produce bananas

Top 10 Banana Producing Arab Countries : The annual global production of bananas is estimated at about 116 million tons, and about a quarter of this production comes from India, which is the largest banana producing country in the world.

Top 10 Arab countries that produce bananas

The main banana producing countries besides India are:

  • China: 11 million tons
  • Indonesia: 7 million tons
  • Brazil: 6 million tons
  • Ecuador: 6 million tons
  • Philippines: 6 million tons
  • Guatemala: 4 million tons

Bananas are grown in many Arab countries, especially North African countries, and the combined production of Arab countries is estimated at 2.3 million tons.

Below we take a quick look at the largest producers and exporters of bananas in the Arab world.

The Arab country that produces the most bananas

The largest banana producing country in the Arab world is Egypt , which has an annual production of 1.3 million tons of this fruit.

Egyptian bananas are mainly grown in the north of the country, where an area of ​​84,000 feddans is allocated to them, an area that the Egyptian government seeks to reduce in the future.

The reason for this is due to the scarcity of water, given that bananas are among the crops that consume the most water.

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Egypt suffers from severe water shortage, especially after the construction of the Renaissance Dam , and for this reason, the government has reduced the cultivated areas of many crops, such as rice.

Banana export

  • Egypt exports $7 million worth of bananas abroad, making it the sixth largest banana exporter in Africa after:
  • Cameroon: $266 million
  • Ivory Coast: $237 million
  • Ghana: $98 million
  • Mozambique: $30 million
  • South Africa: $12 million

Most of Egypt's exports are imported by Arab countries in the Middle East, especially Jordan , which imports more than half of the republic's exports.

Banana production in the rest of the Arab countries

Sudan is the second largest banana producing country in the Arab world, with an annual production of 918,000 tons.

Morocco ranks third with a production of 349,000 tons, followed by Yemen with 116,000 tons, Lebanon with 78 thousand tons, and then Jordan with 32 thousand tons.

Top 10 Arab countries that produce bananas

  1. Egypt 1.3 million tons
  2. Sudan 918 thousand tons
  3. Morocco 349 thousand tons
  4. To whom 116 thousand tons
  5. Lebanon 78 thousand tons
  6. Jordan 32 thousand tons
  7. Sultanate of Oman 18 thousand tons
  8. Palestine 1.2 thousand tons
  9. The two seas 1.0 thousand tons
  10. The United Arab Emirates 203 tons

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