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Top 10 Arab countries that produce grapes

Top 10 Arab countries producing grapes : The global production of grapes is estimated at about 80 million tons per year, 30% of this production comes from three countries: China, the United States and Italy.

Top 10 Arab countries that produce grapes

China produces approximately 14 million tons per year, followed by Italy with 8.5 million tons, the United States with 6.8 million tons, and then Spain with 6.6 million tons.

Below we take a quick look at grape production in the Arab world.

Arab grape-producing countries

The Arab country that produces the most grapes is the Republic of Egypt , which has an annual production of about 1.7 million tons.

With this production, Egypt occupies the twelfth place in the world, and the second place in Africa after South Africa (1.9 million tons).

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The second largest grape-producing country in the Arab world is Algeria (502 thousand tons), followed by Morocco with 451,000 tons and Syria with 196 thousand tons.

The production of grapes from the rest of the Arab countries is:

  • Tunisia: 164 thousand tons
  • Yemen: 136 thousand tons
  • Iraq: 95 thousand tons
  • Lebanon: 67 thousand tons
  • Saudi Arabia: 44 thousand tons
  • Jordan: 44 thousand tons
  • Palestine: 34 thousand tons
  • Libya: 32 thousand tons

Arab countries exporting grapes 

In addition to being the largest producer, Egypt is also the largest grape exporter in the Arab world, and the fourteenth in the world.

The value of Egypt's grape exports is estimated at 247 million dollars, and the largest importers of them are:

  • United Kingdom (20 per cent)
  • Netherlands (19 percent)
  • Germany (12 percent)
  • Russia (8.5 percent)
  • Malaysia (3.1 percent)
  • Italy (3.0 percent)

Globally, Chile ranks first with $1.3 billion, followed by the United States with $1.0 billion, China with $922 million, and then Peru with $919 million.

Top 10 Arab countries that produce grapes

  1. Egypt 1,759,000 tons
  2. Rewards 502,000 tons
  3. Morocco 451,000 tons
  4. Syria 196,000 tons
  5. Tunisia 146,000 tons
  6. To whom 136,000 tons
  7. Iraq 95,000 tons
  8. Lebanon 67,000 tons
  9. Kingdom Saudi Arabia 44,000 tons
  10. Jordan 44,000 tons

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