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Top 10 Arab countries that produce pears

The 10 most Arab countries that produce pears: The pear, or pear, is a fruit that is grown and produced all over the world, mainly in China, Argentina, the United States and Italy.

Top 10 Arab countries that produce pears

World production of pears is estimated at about 27 million tons, and about 19 million tons of this production comes from China, which is the largest producer in the world.

Argentina is the second largest producer of pears with 905 thousand tons, followed by the United States with 738 thousand tons, and Italy with 701 thousand tons.

Below we take a quick look at the most important pear producers in the Arab world.

Arab pear-producing countries

Algeria leads the Arab countries in pear production, with an annual production of 211 thousand tons, ahead of Egypt, which occupies the second place with 60 thousand tons.

Algeria occupies the fifteenth place in the world, and the second in Africa after South Africa, which produces approximately 433,000 tons of pears annually.

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Morocco is the third largest pear producer in the Arab world with 27 thousand tons, followed by Syria with 22 thousand tons, Tunisia with 16 thousand tons, and then Lebanon with 10 thousand tons.

Pear benefits

One medium pear has one gram of protein, 101 calories and 27 grams of carbohydrates.

This fruit also provides:

  • 12 percent of the daily value of vitamin C
  • 16% of the daily value of copper
  • 4 percent of the daily value of potassium
  • 6 percent of the daily value of vitamin K

Pears can benefit the health of the body in various ways such as promoting gut health and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Pears also contain compounds believed to have anti-cancer properties, such as anthocyanins and cinnamic acid.

Top 10 Arab countries that produce pears

  1. Algeria 211 thousand tons
  2. Egypt 60 thousand tons
  3. Morocco 27 thousand tons
  4. Syria 22 thousand tons
  5. Tunisia 16 thousand tons
  6. Lebanon 10 thousand tons
  7. Iraq     7 thousand tons
  8. Jordan 4 thousand tons
  9. Libya 1.4 thousand tons
  10. To whom 523 tons

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