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The name of all the countries of Africa during colonialism

The name of all African countries during colonialism : After the end of the European colonization of the African continent, most of the borders of the countries remained as they were in the last years of occupation, but many of these countries changed their colonial names after independence. The following are the names of African countries during colonialism.

The name of all the countries of Africa during colonialism

African country names

Pseudonyms were not obtained by all countries in Africa, but they affected a significant proportion of their countries, including Arab countries such as Morocco .

With the dual Spanish and French occupation of Moroccan territory, each part of the country received a special name.

The first region was known as “Morocco”, which is the part that was controlled by France, and the second part was called “Spanish Morocco”, which is the part that was controlled by Spain.

The third region was known as “Rio de Oro”, which is the name obtained by Western Sahara, which Morocco claims today and controls an important proportion of it.

The name of all the countries of Africa during colonialism

Countries The name during the colonial period

  1. Ethiopia Ethiopia
  2. Liberia Liberia
  3. Sudan, South Sudan Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
  4. Lesotho Basutoland
  5. Botswana Bechuanaland
  6. Kenya, Uganda British East Africa
  7. Somalia British Somalia
  8. Gambia Gambia
  9. Ghana Gold Coast
  10. Nigeria Nigeria
  11. Zambia Northern Rhodesia
  12. Malawi Nyasaland
  13. Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
  14. South Africa South Africa
  15. Zimbabwe Southern Rhodesia
  16. Swaziland (Swatini) Swaziland
  17. Algeria Algeria
  18. Chad, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic French Equatorial Africa
  19. Benin, Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Burkina Faso French West Africa
  20. Djibouti French Somalia
  21. Madagascar Madagascar
  22. Morocco Morocco - Spanish Morocco - Rio de Oro
  23. Tunisia Tunisia
  24. Cameroon Cameroon
  25. tanzania, rwanda, burundi German East Africa
  26. Namibia Southwest Africa
  27. Togo Togoland
  28. Democratic Republic of the Congo Belgian Congo
  29. Angola Angola
  30. Mozambique Portuguese East Africa
  31. Guinea Bissau Portuguese Guinea
  32. Eritrea Eritrea
  33. Libya Libya
  34. Equatorial Guinea Spanish Guinea
  35. Egypt Egypt

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