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The largest natural gas exporter in Africa

The largest natural gas exporting countries in Africa : African countries have proven natural gas reserves of about 22 trillion cubic meters.

Thanks to this huge reserve, natural gas is a very important source of revenue in many countries of the continent, and is also one of the most important sources of energy used besides oil.

The largest natural gas exporter in Africa

Below we take a quick look at the largest natural gas exporters in Africa.

The largest source of natural gas in Africa

Algeria is the largest exporter of natural gas in Africa, and the sixth in the world, and its proven reserves of this resource are the tenth largest in the world.

In 2015, Algeria exported about 43 billion cubic meters of natural gas abroad, and in 2018, its annual export volume increased to 50 billion cubic meters.


In 2019, the value of Algeria's natural gas exports amounted to 11 billion US dollars, which represents about 32 percent of the total value of its exports.

In 2020, as is the case with all hydrocarbon producing and exporting countries, Algeria's exports have fallen to less than 40 billion cubic metres.

Development of the hydrocarbon sector in Algeria

Hydrocarbons are one of the main sources of income in Algeria, and it is one of the main suppliers of natural gas to the old continent along with the Russian Federation.

Despite Algeria's huge reserves, much of its territory is still unexplored, and the Algerian government has previously stated that it needs investments to double its exploration.


To encourage foreign investment, in 2020, Algeria passed a law easing taxes and licensing procedures to attract more investment in the natural gas and oil exploration sector.


Nigeria has the largest proven natural gas reserves in Africa, however, it is still far from Algeria in production and export.

This weakness in production is attributed to the ineffective exploitation of the abundant reserves in the country as a result of poor infrastructure and the difficulty of exploration and extraction.


In addition, Nigeria is among the largest consumers of natural gas in the world, and most of its production is consumed domestically.

Despite all that, the volume of its exports has grown at a rapid pace in the last five years, from about 26 billion cubic meters in 2015 to 35 billion cubic meters in 2020.

The largest natural gas exporter in Africa

# Countries export volume

1 Algeria 39 billion cubic meters

2 Nigeria 35 billion cubic meters

3 Egypt 7.1 billion cubic meters

4 Libya 4.2 billion cubic meters

5 Equatorial Guinea 4.0 billion cubic meters

6 rest of african countries 4.0 billion cubic meters

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